Thursday, June 1, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

How I treat Mitochondrial Disease| Mito cocktail

Today i share the medications & supplements I take for Mitochondrial Disease.





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25 thoughts on “How I treat Mitochondrial Disease| Mito cocktail
  1. This was way too fast lol. Would you ever consider to do a video explaining this in more depth?, you know like, the first time you started taking them, sides effects, and stuff like that. I take some of this supplements for my mito, but some of those I'm just too chicken to try them even if my doctors say I need them to function. 🙂

  2. Have you ever heard of spectrum needs ? It basically combines all of these things you're taking into a single powder to try and make it to where you're not taking so many things . I use it I put it into my feeding tube formula. I just started it 3 weeks ago I do however take extra CoQ10 . I've been very sick for 10 years but in May I went and saw a amazing geneticist and he put me on the spectrum needs . It was a relief that we didnt have to buy all these supplements separately . Just a thought 🙂

  3. I tried the mito cocktail, the only thing that is working is carnitine, as a matter of fact I have carnitine deficiency. The smelling of fish comes from the carnitine. I also take high dose of vitamin D since I don't expose myself to the sun

  4. Hey from your newest subscriber. I have LHON and mito affects me in so many ways including pain and vision loss. I just wanted to say hello and that you have really beautiful eyes💕

  5. Thank you so much for this!!!! I took accutane and feel as if it may have messed me up completely. Started feeling so tired and I would get out of breath easily from workouts. Even bowel movements (sorry tmi) would make me so incredibly tired. Eating would make me feel great for a couple of minutes and again, a sudden energy drain would occur. I took coq10 and no joke, started to feel so much better. Im able to feel “back to normal”. Im going to buy the ALA as my preworkout already has l carnitine in it. People would notice me yawning so much and it is less now! Thank you so so so so much

  6. I am just researching for mitochondria physical destrophy myopathy ,my sister is also suffering from same problem when I see your video I see my sis in u thanks for making this video.may allah bless u and all who is suffering from this decease .insha allah we will find the final solution for this deceas.

  7. I take almost all the exact same things! Some I take in powder form so there's less to swallow. I have also started to get big into exercise and it has helped heaps. I noticed a difference in just a few weeks. Thanks for sharing! All the best <3

  8. Great video. You should try adding B1 in high dose, liquid magnesium malate and full spectrum vitamin E.
    Alpha lipoic acid really needs to be in the R form and not S form, the S form which most companies bag out is a synthetic version, the R form is way more superior.
    Keep up your great vidoes. Good health

  9. Hello mitowarrior u r so brave girl m from india spinach kale broccoli n black berry can't cure mitochondrial but they can reduce ur symptoms n u live a healthy life without depending on medicine

  10. Make sure you take organic WHOLE-FOOD Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is like an empty shell of Vitamin C… missing the whole, balanced C. This can have further cell disfunctioning. I don’t have the research notes handy but remember something that involves copper, which is needed for metabolizing iron correctly (lest it sit and rust…anywhere).

    Think of white table salt stripped of the rest of the nutrients compared to balanced REAL Salt or Himalayan or sea salt.

  11. THANK YOU SO MUCH MITOWARRIOR ! P.S. almost all of these supplements are recommended for women have difficulties getting pregnant as it increases egg quality and egg quantity.

  12. Hello, you might look into a supplement called Mitoq, it is a form of Coq10 that gets into the mitochondria to protect it.. Its said to be hundreds of times more effective than regular Coq10

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