Friday, March 31, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Total Mitochondria: A Powerhouse Kick To Your Cells

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More efficient energy production. Balance inflammation responses. Better overall health. Those are three things everyone can get on board with, but as we age, the cellular processes that run like a well-oiled machine in our youth begin to wear down.

Fact is, everything we do—from working out to breathing in our sleep—requires some form of metabolic process. Often, these reactions produce free radicals which are associated with oxidative stress.

Over time, this stress eats away at the integrity of our cells, causing damage that manifests as aging and other complications.

That’s bad news, but it doesn’t necessarily have to play out that way. By protecting the cells, and more importantly the mitochondria, the body itself may delay the effects of aging cells.

Bottom line: To live a wellness-focused life and achieve optimal health, performance, and energy levels, you have to make cellular integrity priority number one.

That’s where Total Mitochondria comes in.

Mitochondria, affectionately known as the powerhouse of the cells, are responsible for generating ATP, which runs the rest of the body.

Think of mitochondria like turbines—they are one of the primary producers of energy that every cell in our bodies needs to function—and therefore are critical for brain, muscle, and heart health. When our cells are healthy, the mitochondria inside them function optimally.

Total Mitochondria works to aid the aging body during periods of stress, providing the compounds needed to help bolster cellular health, support the cardiovascular system, balance normal inflammatory responses, and promote optimal health.

In other words, adding Total Mitochondria to your regimen is like giving Father Time the middle finger.

Learn More About Total Mitochondria:


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7 thoughts on “Total Mitochondria: A Powerhouse Kick To Your Cells
  1. Lol ATP-Synapse? I'm sorry there is no such thing, I think you mean ATP-Synthase. A synapse is an entire macro-structure at the end of an axon made of all kinds of molecules whereas ATP-synthase is basically just one molecule. c'mon man this is high-school stuff at least it is here in The Netherlands.

    Also I feel like the video doesn't really showcase what the product actually does. Okay, you called it after the mitochondrium, and explained what a mitochondrium does, but you don't explain how the mitochundrium is related to the product and how it is related with the free-radicals you mentioned at first.

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