Thursday, March 23, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Identifying Mitochondrial Dysfunction with Dr Christabelle Yeoh

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Mitochondria are the unseen and underrated warriors of energy production and immunity. We are usually oblivious to the complex biochemical processes taking place in our mitochondrial membranes to run the cellular machinery that keeps us alive. What are the intracellular thieves robbing us of optimal mitochondrial wellbeing and how can we combat these noxious agents?

Today, Dr Christabelle Yeoh takes through the normal biochemical steps in energy production and why mitochondria are becoming increasingly compromised in modern life. She also teaches us how to assess mitochondrial dysfunction in our patients, how we can identify metabolic toxicants and how to approach the cellular resuscitation to restore patient vitality.

Covered in this episode:
[01:00] Introducing Dr Christabelle Yeoh
[02:00] Understanding the mitochondria
[06:38] Mitochondrial DNA only comes from your mother
[07:49] How do we assess mitochondrial function?
[13:27] Insulin resistance and mitochondrial dysfunction
[17:50] Thieves in the metabolic steal
[22:55] Cellular adaptation to viruses
[27:52] The cell danger response
[32:31] Immune priming
[37:26] Differential diagnoses
[39:12] Treatment aims and considerations?
[42:25] Resources for practitioners

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