Thursday, March 23, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The Best Peptides For Boosting Mitochondria, Brain Health and Longevity with Dr Daniel Stickler

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In this episode, I am speaking with Dr. Daniel Stickler—co-founder of The Apeiron Center for Human Potential—about the best peptides for boosting mitochondria, brain health, and longevity.

In this podcast, Dr. Stickler will cover:
What are peptides?
The various areas peptides can help with (You will be shocked!)
The amazing benefits of Epitalon peptide for longevity
The best peptides for brain function and productivity
Can peptides help with autoimmunity and chronic infections?
The different parameters used to assess age (It is not what you think)
Health span versus lifespan: which one is most important?
How growth hormones boost anti-aging (Should you be concerned about IGF1?)
The best peptides for boosting mitochondria

The Best Peptides For Boosting Mitochondria, Brain Health, and Longevity with Dr. Daniel Stickler – Show Notes
What are peptides? (1:07)
The best peptides for longevity (6:00)
The best peptides for mitochondrial health (27:50)
How peptides can be used for improving brain health (38:00)
The best peptides for autoimmune diseases (45:04)
Dr. Stickler’s favorite peptides (51:20)



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24 thoughts on “The Best Peptides For Boosting Mitochondria, Brain Health and Longevity with Dr Daniel Stickler
  1. What a time to be alive… I remember being on bodybuilding boards 10 years ago and speaking about peptides and how much things have changed now. Such a wealth of info thank you!

  2. Thanks Ari.  Hope this area of research can attract more funding. 
    Stickler's approach using a system coach seems appropriate. Especially because such promising early research is likely to  attract  a parade of bio hackers willing to make a cocktail of every promising peptide and just run a leap of faith "experiment" on themselves.

  3. I take both the nasal spray for TB500 and BPC-157. I already noticed that for me the nasal BPC wasn't doing anything. I just spray it in my mouth after hearing that the body makes it in the stomach and it works now. ( 2 days ) The TB500 was already doing great things. Together with ALA ( alpha lipoic acid ) this will get me back to health I think. Thanks for the great podcasts on peptides.

  4. The term Biologic is being used by pharmaceutical companies for drugs that block the immune system for those with autoimmune diseases. An example: adalimumab (Humira). These have serious "side " effects, such as catching TB. Just listen to TV ads.

  5. finding dihexa seems impossible but I think I found a local peptide injection doctor and two sources that might be able to sell a prescription?… anyone have any luck finding good sources for these peptides?

  6. This video makes me think Paul from Men’s Complete Health in Sarasota, FL wrong this. Paul said almost all the same exact things to me. BPC-157 for future health and Tesamorelim for my visceral fat. I am already down 13lbs since January 1st 2020. Great stuff looking forward to learning more especially Selank and Semax nasal spray.

  7. Just let me know when the average person can easily, cheaply, and safely access these peptides to improve health and functioning. Extensive human studies would help to determine safety, dosing, and usage. Until then, it's mostly abstract theory.

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