Friday, March 31, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The Internal Antioxidant System w/ Dr. Chris Masterjohn Ph.D. & Ari Whitten

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In this episode, I am speaking with Dr. Chris Masterjohn—who has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Science and is widely regarded as one of the top nutritional biochemistry experts in the world—about the science on the body’s internal antioxidant system.

In this podcast, Chris will cover:
Why our body’s antioxidant defense system is maybe the most underrated factor in health and energy levels
Why the theory of free radicals is outdated (and it’s a HUGE mistake to think you need to constantly neutralize free radicals)
What is oxidative stress? And why it’s critical to understand how it differs from “oxidative damage.”
The secret key to build your body’s resistance to oxidative stressHow vitamin C can preserve your health (How much vitamin C should you actually consume? And how should you get it — food or supplements?)
How oxidative stress and free radicals affect your health and energy levels
Should you get your iron and selenium levels tested?
The vitamins and minerals that build and strengthen your internal antioxidant system
How to increase your iron levels (And the shocking truth about iron absorption)
The two keys to building up your internal antioxidant defense system to prevent cellular damage (the damage that drives many diseases and aging itself)
The must-have tool for eliminating any potential nutrient deficiency

The Internal Antioxidant System (The Most Underrated Factor In Health) with Dr. Chris Masterjohn Ph.D. – Show Notes
What is the body’s antioxidant system? And why it is important (01:40)The roles of vitamins in oxidant balance (20:16)
The link between hormesis and the antioxidant system (32:27)
The connection between healthy mitochondria and the internal antioxidant system (33:55)
The building blocks of a healthy antioxidant system (35:49)
The best way to use the “Nutritional cheat sheet” to optimize the internal antioxidant system (42:36)
The best sources of selenium, zinc, and copper (1:02:26)



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7 thoughts on “The Internal Antioxidant System w/ Dr. Chris Masterjohn Ph.D. & Ari Whitten
  1. Do the antioxidants naturally occurring in fruit and vegetables inhibit the oxidant response from exercise? Should you avoid high antioxidant foods before and after your workout time and if so what time frame?

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