Thursday, June 1, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Polarised Training: Professor David Bishop

An exert from the Cycling Science Symposium- Institute of Advanced Studies March 28th, 2019

This discussion focuses on the polarised training advances in cycling related science only, for the full symposium please here:


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23 thoughts on “Polarised Training: Professor David Bishop
  1. So for the twice a day, and with the desire to be low glycogen, would you suggest a high intensity short duration workout in the a.m. and then zone 1 in the p.m.
    Also would fasted training in zone 1 give a similar result in adaptation?

  2. Race horses have been given bicarbonate of soda " milkshakes" including water sugar and electrolytes by nasal tubes a few hours before races. However race stewards see this as cheating and the practice is banned if found out

  3. that is so valuable great information. next time i do SIT; I take a teaspoon bicarbonate with a glas of water 5 minutes before the exercise and do it twice a day before eating. what they tested in a low carb situation might not be sufficient. protein also rises mTor. so, also no protein before the exercise. 45 min after the exercise i will eat my tuna

  4. Interesting presentation, but I was underwhelmed by the evidence for the polarised approach. Except for saying that it being popularized by Seiler on the podcast circuit, the example of Kipchoges training did not at all seem to support the model, in fact it seems to be the opposite. There was just as much time spend in z2 tempo running as in z3, and it was only for the 7 weeks prior to the main race, which is more about peaking than building. It would be more interesting/convincing to see how much time throughout his entire year is spend in z2 and 3 rather than just what was shown.

  5. So long and slow with interval work while drinking sodium bicarbonate done twice a day is the foundation. Add cold water and blood flow restriction down the road

  6. For my personal experience..after using Sodium Bica. a long time….it could perhaps interesting to use a Study with Montmorency Tart Cherry Extract. I am 50 Years now..daily very active in Sport…and feel the results with the 50:1 Extract Caps in a short time..even as a lontimeuser of Beetroots,Citrullin….and other things.

  7. Can the exercise be swim in the morning and cycle in the evening? Fasted easy swim then carb loaded for the cycling in the evening to increase mitochondrial function?

  8. Excellent information! From the slide at 08:35 it seems that most training should either be easy or real sprints (SIT/Anaroebic). No need to bother with HIIT.

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