Friday, March 31, 2023

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41 thoughts on “Fatty Acid (Beta) Oxidation
  1. I can not thank you enough. My step one is in a few days. I scored like 92 percentile on biochem/biology MCAT, but in med school, pathology is just way more important so I haven't studied biochem that much over the last 4 years. Why don't you charge for your vids? I mean I am glad you don't because sketchy+ U world + B&B + USMLE Rx + pathoma = breaking the bank. Why don't they make a USMLE study bundle package?!

  2. Hey @Dirty Medicine one thing I think would be helpful in future videos is after going over a topic. Immediately do a couple of questions pertaining to said just covered material. Or provide a hotlink to one of your high yield questions that pertains to the just covered material. As always great job.

  3. So excellent.

    couple of things tho

    in primary carnitine deficiency, the carnitine cannot be taken up by skeletal and cardiac muscle.

    there is also secondary carnitine deficiency, which is secondary to defects in beta oxidation that lead to a built up of acyl carnitine. This acyl carnitine is lost in the urine… and this leads to a carnitine deficiency.

    There is also decreased carnitine synthesis in liver disease or in patients using valproic acid (use of this drug reduces renal reabsorption of carnitine)

    CPT-II deficiency as you mentioned also effects liver and kidney, other than skeletal muscle. but the form that affects the skeletal muscle is most common and severe. Treatment here includes avoidance of fasting use of high carb diet and supplementation with medium chain fatty acids

    plus following the involvement of fatty acyl coA dehydrogenase. Couple of other enzymes are involved like 2 3 enoyl coA hydratase then 3 hydroxy acyl coA dehydrogenase and 3 ketoacyl coA thiolase. An oxidation then a hydration then another oxidation followed by a cleavage

  4. how the hell do u come up with these mneumonics, holy shit . is this the difference between very sucessful and just passing lol

  5. So in first aid it says that MCAD is hypoketotic/hypoglycemic but on the video states that MCAD is nonketotic. I just wanted to know how to distinguish between the two?

  6. Lmao Dirty you said exactly what I've been thinking for all of Dedicated when you were like "the reason why this is high yield is because…well it's just some minutiae you have to memorize" STEP would not be the beast it is if they cut out all the random bullshit

  7. Legend. Thank you so much for your videos. You, the organic chemistry tutor, and khan academy are the first three creators/teachers I will give money to just as a way of saying thank you for helping me achieve my goals in university and beyond. Having high quality upper level education available for free on YouTube will change the world one day. Thanks again to you and your team.

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