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Mitochondrial Health

Sleep hacking: How to control your mitochondrial clocks | Dave Asprey | Big Think

Sleep hacking: How to control your mitochondrial clocks
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You can go a month without food, or three or four days without water, but try to go three or four days without sleep. “It’s at least as important as water. But you don’t see people going on water diets very often, but you do see people who just don’t get enough sleep all the time,” says Dave Asprey

Quality sleep is foundational to good health, helping to ward off diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s. It’s also a key strategy for anti-aging.

Dave Asprey shares what he’s learned about sleep hacking: Don’t eat after the sun goes down, turn the lights down as much as you can after the sun goes down, and black out your room – you’ll need more than regular black-out curtains. Watch the video to find out why.

Dave Asprey is a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur, professional biohacker, the New York Times bestselling author of Game Changers, Head Strong and The Bulletproof Diet, the creator of Bulletproof Coffee, and the host of Bulletproof Radio, the Webby Award–winning, number one–ranked podcast. His new book is Super Human (2019).

DAVE ASPREY: One of the biggest things you can do that isn’t going to cost you anything is improve the quality of your sleep. It’s funny, because when you get a good night’s sleep regularly at the right time, your risk of cancer drops dramatically. Conversely, if you are a shift worker or you regularly fly all over the place and you don’t take care of your biology, your chances of cancer go up a lot. One night of bad quality sleep can change your ability to regulate your blood sugar by up to 40%. Now, that’s the path to diabetes. And what about Alzheimer’s disease? People who don’t get enough sleep and don’t regulate their blood sugar also have problems with Alzheimer’s disease. And the list goes on. So sleep is a foundational element. And if you really think about it, you can go three, four days without water maybe. You can go a month without food. But try and go three or four days without sleep. It’s at least as important as water. But you don’t see people going on water diets very often, but you do see people who just don’t get enough sleep all the time. This is one of the primary anti-aging things.

But the problem with sleep is that, actually, a lot of people don’t have time for sleep. And it’s OK to not have time to sleep, because you have a job, you have a family, you have a social life, and you have stuff you wanted to do. So what are you going to do? Are you going to choose to die earlier or to get sleep? Or maybe there’s a better way. And in Super Human, I talk about sleep hacking. And here’s an example. I landed in New York last night, and I flew from the west coast from Seattle. Now, that’s a recipe for a terrible sleep, for jet lag. But I changed the amount and the color of light that I allowed into my eyes on the airplane using patented glasses that I created called TrueDark. And in fact, if I look at my phone here, I track my sleep with a ring. It gives me a very detailed analysis. And I’ll tell you my real numbers from last night. I didn’t get as much sleep as I would have liked. But what I did get was five hours and 23 minutes of sleep. I didn’t get to my hotel until 1:00 in the morning. And I was traveling with one of my kids. But I got two hours and 11 minutes of deep sleep. That’s more deep sleep than a 20-year-old gets an eight hours. And I got 58 minutes of dreaming sleep. So I got better sleep than most Americans get on most nights even though I flew in the wrong direction three hours and was sleeping in a foreign environment. How the heck do you do that?

Well, the biggest thing is to turn the lights down at night. Just dimming your lights, turning off the bright white stuff in your kitchen and your bathroom after the sun goes down, it doesn’t change the length you’ll sleep necessarily, but it changes the quality of your sleep. And since I couldn’t do that on the airplane or in the hotel room, I wore glasses that took out the bright colors, the blue light. And you go back to the ’50s: We had incandescent bulbs, and not that many of them, and they weren’t that bright. Now that we have these fluorescent lights and LED lights, we can have incredibly bright light right before bed. In fact, most of us do. And that sends a signal to the ancient parts of our body, sub-cellular things that control our aging and control how our body responds to the environment — they’re …

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33 thoughts on “Sleep hacking: How to control your mitochondrial clocks | Dave Asprey | Big Think
  1. I sleep better when there's low light rather than darkness, low literally in the sense of height. The kind of light you'd have around a campfire. Yellowish, dim light near floor level. Also I sleep better when can hear people talking rather than complete silence. So long as no one calls my name.

  2. Dave Asprey discussing prevention of diabetes, depression, and heart disease while endorsing a diet that will give you all three.🙄🙄🙄 Nothing to see here folks.

  3. I agree with (& practice) his basic premise.

    However, my mitochondria are broken from a systemic disease (ME/CFS). A sleep study revealed I have a severely broken sleep cycle (a common symptom).

    Often a disease causes a sleep disorder, NOT the other way around !

  4. Sometimes I hear people brag that they can fall asleep anywhere, and most of them are not children or teenagers, they are full-grown adults at least the age of 35. I usually think that is not something to be proud of – it means your body desperately wants to have a chance to repair itself while you are sleeping.

  5. So if blackout curtains aren't enough, what is? Are there screens that can darken your room even more? I'd imagine you need something that perfectly covers the entire surface of the window.

  6. Remember that this is a commercial. Dave is subtly marketing his products he mentioned. His job is to convince you that his products are beneficial by introducing the problem they solve. He has the motive to convince you of his marketing campaign. Regardless of how true this may be, never get your information from a marketing campaign. It's biased. #ThinkBigger

  7. I also live in the north and it is a bloody nightmare. In the winter there isn't nearly enough hours of light to keep me awake during the whole day, and in the summer there is no way of naturally getting sleepy at the "right time" nor blocking all the light during the night.
    I have suffered from depression (probably SAD) and so have lots of people I know. I often find myself relying on alcohol and caffeine to medicate my sleep cycle, which in the long term only makes things worse.

  8. What if I can not "turn of" all lights because it is hot and I want to leave my window open so I can breath? Should I prioritize your tips and sweat like shit?

  9. As if a dim sliver of light, away from your eyes, coming from the sides of blackout curtains
    and a brightly lit room were the same thing… Ok, I'll pretend I buy that.

  10. So it's cancer and diabetes for me. — I regularly go 2-3 days without sleep. Right now I'm awake at hour 48 actually, and still not tired. I'm not insomniac just a weird, irregular (non-)sleeper. I also tend to avoid all light sources except my computer screen (Which is on the lowest brightness setting and 50% reduced contrast.) I pay little to no sleep debt either; After I start to feel tired (~70h mark) a mere 10 hours is enough to completely regenerate — I wake up naturally. Of course I can pretend to be normal and put myself to bed every evening like a normal human being would, and then it's the prescribed amount of 9 hours sleep for me. But it's a chore to stick to that schedule and forcibly go to bed in a not completely exhausted state. If I stay up all night then go about my day as if it was a regular / fresh start of the cycle, I will sleep 10 hours that night (Diagnose me.)

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  12. I live in BC there’s barely sun. I hate it here. I need to move for my health. It’s a buzzkill here. I can’t keep up with all these health tips.

  13. I know ppl who worked shifts 2 aunts died between 52 – 56 yrs, including one died of cancer. others who lived unhealthy living habbits also died before 60 or 61, etc. I Myself worked in various night shifts for nearly 10 years, and by 26 + my health got screwed totally , now 31 + and still can't take on stress and most days are dull and listless and only few active positive days. So, sleep well, and live healthy

  14. You are telling the fact because in ancient times when there wasn't electricity people were used to do so there was candles or something else after the sun set so they had quality sleep becoz after sun set there was dull or no light available for them which prevented them from many diseases such as depression etc and made them physically and mentally strong.

  15. I can sleep anywhere anytime I programmed comfort time the brightness of the room the temperature you can train yourself to not need them it's just uncomfortable to do sleeping on a cement floor when your bed is right beside you with blankets and pillows. What if I don't have beds blankets and pillows one day that would probably be the day I need to sleep the most to make sure I'm regenerating and recuperating so if I require no Creature Comforts for sleep for the ability to fall asleep anywhere with noise light Comfort is not a concern so flying in the wrong direction with your kid getting to bed at 1. Course you slept well you're mentally and physically exhausted from travelling imagine you're staying in a Manhattan hotel that is luxurious even if modestly and I have worked in high-end hotels and they do not purchase a single bed that is uncomfortable or hard to sleep in so you were set up perfectly to sleep well because you came from the west coast to the east coast which means you went back in time so you thought it was 4 a.m. or your body. Also the hotel itself would Grant you a level of subconscious security because the concierge the doorman the Bell man the Porter's everybody's so friendly and his people everywhere and they're wearing masks and there's hand sanitizer your room would have been thoroughly cleaned there's no real concerned so you saying you slept well in a hotel bed after flying across the country with a child which during the pandemic would be emotionally and psychologically taxing and physically where's my child does my child have their masks so on and so forth would be the most exhausting experience as a parent I think I'm not one but if I had my nephew's in that situation I will be on high alert for anyting because I need to protect and make sure because they're so young they're not doing something that could put them in Jeopardy that they don't know especially with the pandemic obviously you slept well the security guards help to at the hotel I don't find it amazing that you were able to sleep I would have been more surprised if you didn't. The body cannot take that much stressed in a day and flying travelling with a child during a pandemic must be the most terrorizing frightening situation of parent could be in. I quite the coronavirus to playing Russian roulette with a ghost that you don't know where the ghost is when or if they will appear or if they even pulled the trigger and if a bullet went off or not you're literally fighting a ghost that plays Russian roulette with you metaphorically you don't see the virus you don't know who has it you can't tell when you've got it what it's on and you won't know for up to two weeks and you've gotten sick or who even has given you the illness tell me that doesn't sound like a damn ghost playing Russian roulette with covid-19 bullets he doesn't shoot lead he shoot covin but I don't find your story believable you're not thinking big I expect more from this Channel honestly I am not traditionally educated as a university or College trade school injury and then educated myself for a decade and besides the fact that you're not coming across as believable or very credible or maybe exaggerating of course you slept only a monster like me wouldn't

  16. 👌 Try and fail, but don't fail to try. A dude by the name of @evenkingsfall (his insta) says you have to THINK BIG to WIN BIG! Always keep that approach to life! Don't stop the hard work 🔥

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