Thursday, March 23, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Stealth Biotherapeutics – Innovation Showcase at Ophthalmology Innovation Summit @ ASRS 2019

Reenie McCarthy, CEO speaks for Stealth Biotherapeutics during the Innovative Showcase at [email protected] 2019. REGISTER for our next ophthalmology conference today

Reenie McCarthy, CEO, explains that Stealth is focused on mitochondrial dysfunction. They have programs in late stage rare genetic mitochondrial diseases, a program in phase 2b for dry AMD, and a robust pipeline, with the first asset moving into the clinic later in 2019. Stealth’s lead compound is elamipretide, which binds preferentially to cardiolipin, an important structural compound of the inner mitochondrial membrane essential for mitochondrial function. Mitochnodrial dysfunction can lead to cardiolipin peroxidation. This leads to a breakdown of the inner membrane, and more oxidative stress. In a mouse model elamipretide normalizes mitochondrial morphology. AMD is characterized by mitochondrial dysfunction so it’s a good functional target for a drug that targets mitochondrial function. A Phase 1 trial showed improvement in multiple parameters of visual function, and a Phase 2b trial is currently enrolling, which focuses on geographic atrophy. It has a primary endpoint of low light visual acuity, which has been approved by the FDA. The company expects to have data from the study early in 2021.

This presentation takes place at [email protected] at the Ritz-Carlton in Chicago on July 25, 2019.

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