Thursday, June 1, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The Stress-Mitochondria Link w/ Dr. Martin Picard & Ari Whitten

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In this episode, I am speaking with Dr. Martin Picard about how stress affects mitochondrial health.

Dr. Picard is an assistant professor of behavioral medicine in Psychiatry and Neurology at Columbia University. He obtained his Ph.D. in mitochondrial biology of aging in 2012. For over a decade, he has been studying mitochondria and has worked closely with leading experts in the field of mitochondrial research. In 2015 he joined the faculty at Columbia University where he established the mitochondrial signaling laboratory.

The Stress-Mitochondria Link (And Why Your Mitochondrial Health Is The Secret Key To Energy And Longevity) With Dr. Martin Picard, Ph.D. – Show Notes
Mitochondrial Psychobiology explained (1:35)
The role of mitochondria in the body (3:03)
The importance of mitochondria for health (10:11)
The most important factors for mitochondrial health (15:56)
Mitochondrial Psychobiology – how stress affects mitochondrial health (21:54)
The cell danger response and mitochondrial health (33:22)
How our bodies are designed to react to stress and why (39:26)
The link between mitochondrial dysfunction and depression and anxiety (44:44)



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12 thoughts on “The Stress-Mitochondria Link w/ Dr. Martin Picard & Ari Whitten
  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful presentation. I am a licensed social worker and I do alternative medicine and I teach people about their bodies using evidence from research. The mitochondria sound like the internal clock of the body. Such that when the body is in a disease state or highly acidic state the mitochondria cannot respond in a normal way. PH has such an affect on everything in the body it’s incredible that we don’t talk about it more. I love your station thank you

  2. One potential "mechanistic" understanding as to why exercise is good for your health – could have it's origins in metabolic dynamics. The ability to burn the crap we ingest, to more rapidly process and make waste of so much that would linger in us and harm us. Obese folk tend to be more vulnerable to diseases.

  3. I had no idea that cortisol was produced in the mitochondria. This is a curious design for humans since it implies a 1 to many (1:N) relationship where if any portion of the body is stressed the whole body is flooded with stress hormone. Not sure what the evolutionary benefit is other than insuring that immune system is mobilized and energy is marshaled.

  4. Very cool, I like when he said, " Information needs to be exchanged. I think it is a basic property of life. And that is how complex systems, you know, function and operate. That is how things, living organisms fight entropy, you know, to remain healthy is to go against the, you know, the forces of physics. You know, if we were subjected to the forces of physics and we didn’t have energy flow to resist that, then we would just decay. Right?"
    It's almost poetic. 🙂 Keep fighting entropy.

  5. A few years ago I read about a study where the number of servings of fruits and veggies consumed the prior day correlated with today's mood. I believe our thoughts have a much greater affect as they can facilitate or hinder cellular communication.

  6. This has been my most favourite interview you’ve ever done, Ari! I just want to say that as a Chronic Fatigue sufferer who has been in the fitness industry for 10years, my entire family wanted me to get out of it for so long now. But I feel like after watching this it is the very thing that has saved me from being bed ridden. I have been fighting a battle- but for the most part coming out on top (when I am not pushing my body too hard with diet and training.) So many puzzle pieces were put together after watching this! Thank you Dr. Picard!

  7. Amazing interview as always! I have tried so many things for my chronic fatigue and insomnia in last 30 years. I knew the continuous stresses in my whole life were the causes of my illness, but instead I tried everything like exercise, diet, fasting, supplements etc. , Which made me more stressed as I didn't have enough energy to do them. I realise now that I just have to concentrate on making myself feeling good, happy and grateful as much of the time I can. If I can trick my mitochondria into being happy and fulfilled state, then maybe I can bring them back to optimum health.

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