Thursday, June 1, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Common Causes of Mitochondrial Dysfunction and How To Fix It w/ Dr. Michael Chang and Ari Whitten

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In this episode, I am speaking with Dr. Michael Chang—a functional medicine practitioner specializing in gut and mitochondrial health and author of Mitochondrial Dysfunction: A Functional Medicine Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment – Get Rid of Fatigue, Fat, and Brain Fog. We cover the most common causes of mitochondrial dysfunction and nine tips to improve mitochondrial health. 

In this podcast, Dr. Chang will cover:
• The main causes and symptoms of mitochondrial dysfunction
• The three best supplements to support mitochondrial health
• Why the functional medicine approach is the best way to diagnose and treat mitochondrial dysfunction
• The best lifestyle habits to support mitochondria
• Best functional tests to diagnose mitochondrial dysfunction
• 3 nutrition strategies to support mitochondrial health.

The Most Common Causes of Mitochondrial Dysfunction and 9 Tips to Improve Mitochondrial Health with Michael Chang, MD – Transcript
Why mitochondria are important for your health (6:54)
The main causes of mitochondrial dysfunction (10:30)
How functional medicine is different from conventional medicine (14:34)
The best nutritional approach to mitochondrial health (29:15)
The best lifestyle strategies for improving mitochondrial health (47:24)


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10 thoughts on “Common Causes of Mitochondrial Dysfunction and How To Fix It w/ Dr. Michael Chang and Ari Whitten
  1. I always love your podcast. So much information. What kind of detox and parasites cleanse. That you.what type of doctor do I look for. I am having gut issues left side been hurting off and on for 6 months. I am in Arizona. Thanks again

  2. you got a thumbs up not only on this interview but all your shares-excellent and informative-right on on causes and solid perspective on regen of that invaluable aspect of human health-i always remember that mitrochondria is inherited from the mother-stress has many levels and its accumulative-example ptsd extreme violence based and the everyday reality of daily professional and government denial-i suppose if you have not ever experienced it directly one can only surmise efxs and their dx is substanially less than percieved reality of patient- re interview some very very good lifestyle changes advice-esp hydrogenated water machine for faster recovery will try if i can find one cheap enough and the cold dips and sauna very effective-here not much standing water but we have outdoor showers with direct sunlight exposure- at min 4x/12 hrs of sun is a wonderful way to speed things up externally and slow the aging but being able to adapt and change due to bodies response-KEEP THE FAITH YOUR ON THE RIGHT TRACK-VIP INFO AND IT SOON WILL BE REALIZED BY MANY OTHERS-YOUR SHARES HAVE HELPED ME TO UNDERSTAND AND TAKE STEPS TO IMPROVE MITROCHONDRIAL HEALTH-also in the exercise aspect i have placed alot of special attention on improving the spinal column.nervous sys and posture-takes time goes slow but since it the central system worth the investment-time and money is relative when your health on the line- and i have learned you cant buy your health-pros help but personally you can earn and own it-just keep up trying-and then try more-discipline is vital for forward movement-could say more but its just a comment so manythxs5gr8sharing-ps as i write this noticed that you have already posted another vital share-hope you organize all these vids into a playlist of chosen concentrated educational shares-make it easy and they will learn

  3. A next-generation coenzyme is being introduced called pyrroloquinoline quinone or PQQ that has been shown to induce mitochondrial biogenesis—the growth of new mitochondria in aging cells. While CoQ10 optimizes mitochondrial function, PQQactivates genes that govern mitochondrial reproduction, protection, and repair. Effective mitochondrial function also relies on a variety of cofactors, including l-carnitine, R-Form alpha-lipoic acid

  4. Thank you both Dr Chang and Ari for this incredibly helpful and informative talk!! Can you please tell your audience where we can order Dr Chang’s book ?? I cannot find it on line or on his website🤔

  5. What a great Doctor! Imagine the world with more of him? 😄 I’m super chuffed to hear his expert advice and happy that I am already utilising many of those avenues. Will do more research on the HPA axis dysfunction! I wonder if Hgh therapy will assist in this?

  6. It’s a shame we had to hear several times that this or that is not in scientific research instead of just being opened to a different point of view. Regular Doctors and Medical Science sucks at curing Chronic Diseases so why not be more opened to looking at things differently instead of being on your high horse about this or that just isn’t in scientific research!

  7. Solubility of molecular hydrogen in water: 1,62 mg/l, from PubChem, so, there's no way of achieving a 9% solution under atmospheric pressure.
    Nevertheless, the same source define it as an electron donor, antioxidant and human metabolite.

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