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"Heart Healthy" Vegetable Oils are KILLING Us | Why Linoleic Acid is the Root of all Chronic Disease

“Heart Healthy” Vegetable Oils are KILLING Us | Why Linoleic Acid is the Root of all Chronic Disease

Vegetable Oil consumption has been an increasing component of the American diet for the past 5 decades. You will see these “Heart Healthy” Vegetable Oils and excess omega 6 cause inflammation. This video discusses the role of seed oils in the chronic disease epidemic.


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Omega ratio western diet:

Vitamin E and other nutrients protect lipid oxidation:

Vitamin E degrades at high temperatures:

Chronic disease inflammation link:

Oxidative stress infertility:

Cancer and ROS:

Oxidized LDL heart disease:

High LA diet causes oxidative stress:

High LA insulin resistance and heart disease:

Parenteral nutrition fatty liver:

Saturated vs unsaturated fat study:

Lipid peroxides and disease:

Omega 6 in the mitochondria:

Mitochondria sensitive to dietary fatty acids:

Damaged mitochondria leads to metabolic syndrome:

PUFAs in cell membranes:

Linoleic acid in Lipoproteins:


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31 thoughts on “"Heart Healthy" Vegetable Oils are KILLING Us | Why Linoleic Acid is the Root of all Chronic Disease
  1. Thanks for this summary. Currently, fats used in animal models of many kinds of research are vegetable oils. This might explain why fats were often blamed.

  2. Been 90% carnivore for almost three months. Fasting blood sugar has dropped 30 points. Had my annual labs done two days ago. I'm almost 74, and these were at or close to the best ever! Doc said I'm no longer diabetic as far as he's concerned. LDL and trigs dropped, HDL skyrocketed. TRIG/HDL ratio actually went negative! CHD Risk Index dropped 40%. I record all that I eat. Long term average I'm consuming about 64g/day of Satfat, 48 of MUFA, and less than 10 of PUFA. Most of that probably comes from my fatty fish consumption.

    So, whatever "they " tell you to do and not do, do the opposite!

  3. Was telling my wife last night about the scourges of vegetable oils. She said, "well, it can't hurt if you consume it once in a while". It's very difficult to get others to understand when they don't want to understand. At work, I often make the joke by asking, "how many vegetables are in vegetable oil?" The responses are usually mum and predictable.

  4. I created this post to share truthful information on the benefits & harmful effects of the oils that we consume. Mainstream information in this area is deception.
    Thanks for your video post for it helped to eloquently deliver the truth with regard to consuming oils and our health.
    I took several hours to research and prepare this informative post just for you. Kevy Michaels

  5. Very fascinating. Now, when we're talking about vegetable oils – does this include avocado and olive oils? Are they actually as healthful as experts claim them to be?

  6. Thanks for the content! Question about the veterans study @ 10:18..maybe I'm reading it wrong. I see the higher deaths for the experimental (pufa) group. But aren't they trying to argue less deaths from cardiovascular events? 70-48 for fatal atherosclerotic events in the summary of the study?

  7. We're consuming 200 MILLION TONS of vegetable oils each year. Stunning. And we're sicker than ever. I listened to a guy named Tucker Goodrich who's been studying this and has incredible testimonials. Decades of chronic painful illness gone, in just a few days/weeks of removing all seed oils, including his girlfriend losing apx 60 lbs just by eliminating LA. Excellent, thank you AO.

  8. You say linoleic acid in your title as if that's the only omega 6 fatty acid, but there are numerous types of omega 6 fatty acids, so be specific when speaking about omega 6 fatty acids. Do you only mean linoleic acid??

  9. Great video and knowledge. I've heard about soybean oil etc… and the dangers. I will be spreading this information to friends and family.

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