Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Mitochondrial Health

Dr. Nick reply to "The role of Mitochrondria in Aging and Disease"


Nick Delgado graduated from the University of Southern California, with studies at Rancho Los Amigo Hospital, USC, Loma Linda University, California State Long Beach and Los Angeles as well as continued research with interventional endocrinology, hematology and physiology. He served as Director of the Pritikin Better Health Program of the Nathan Pritikin Longevity Center. Ongoing studies of participants in the Pritikin Plan were being monitored by Dr Massey of the Loma Linda School of Public Health.

Nick teamed with health experts and searched for consistent correlations with aging and symptomatic indications. He discovered new answers to age-old problems. During this period, he collaborated with many acclaimed physicians, including Denis Burkitt, M.D., Ernest Wynder, M.D., Arnold Fox, M.D., Thierry Hertoghe MD, Ron Klatz MD, and Ron Rothenberg MD.

Nick Delgado wrote his thesis on a comprehensive study of 693 people, which he conducted as part of a wellness program provided through seminars of world-renown motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins with Mastery University. Nick has been presenting the concepts of the Delgado Protocol to audiences worldwide. During the past 30 years he has educated over 100,000 people on topics such as Eyes open relaxation of the unconscious mind, aging, wellness, sexual health, using cellular hematology, oxidative stress analysis, carotid artery scans, blood lipids testing and biochemical hormone. Dr Nick has been a keynote speaker in Japan, Malaysia, Toronto, Canada and was awarded “Best Speaker” at the International Anti-Aging Congress in South Africa.


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12 thoughts on “Dr. Nick reply to "The role of Mitochrondria in Aging and Disease"
  1. I really think that this format where we/you go thru the videos and critique the teacher……I oftentimes wonder why no one does it in the Hebrew roots movement /Christianity / religion land…..oh….I know one who does it

  2. My naturopath has me doing NAD IV once a month … it took two hours yesterday … I have to have them put it in a slow drip as if they have it on a fast drip ( for lack of a better way of putting it ) it feels like you just took a shot of hard alcohol and you can feel the alcohol coursing through your veins and it’s warm, but fleeting … with the NAD, if it goes too fast, for me anyways, it’s like that but it’s not fleeting, it’s constant and it’s not painful, but I find it uncomfortable. If I’m on the slower drip, I don’t feel it. I’m wondering if this is the same thing as a niacin flush. Now this is not the only therapeutic approach I’m using to restore my health, but it is remarkably noticeable how reviving this IV therapy is. I’ve done it twice now… will probably do it every month through May. I’m fifty, so I’m hoping to look and feel 35 again by then, LOL. I’m also doing some oral supplementation, a vitamin IV once a month and am eating predominantly raw vegan and working out (hiit daily plus classic free weight training and other stuff) and infrared sauna to boot. But this NAD thing is interesting. I feel like a bit of a Ginea pig at this point.

  3. Hi Dr. Delgado! I have heard you say in a presentation before that you do not support intermittent fasting. Is this true? If so, why? Dr. Nun Amen-Ra has created an optimal health protocol based on substantial amounts of research and intermittent fasting (OMAD) is the foundation of his protocol, along with a low-fat vegan diet. Dr. Amen also explains that caloric restriction improves mitochondrial functioning and reduces free radical production.

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