Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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One thought on “Mitochondria and their interaction with cannabinoids
  1. Look, chronic inflammation is over stimulatory thus exhaustive of mitochondrial properties, a paradox, difficult to decipher which occurs first, but it’s easy to see, endocannabinoids promote the deficient (resolution phase) of immune system, chronic inflammation is a deficiency in resolution phase, mitochondria cannabinoid cross talk results in calmin down the over active (hyper aging) system (thus, cannabinoids may promote the deceleration of aging, furthermore, may be good in exhausted and deficient cases of mitochondrial activaty, despite CB1 showing reduction in calcium signaling and related activity, it also shows G/s receptor activity and thanks to the paradox of eustress and hormesis, the stress put upon the system by the “intoxicant” cannabis, may actually strengthen and rejuvenate mitochondrial activity… we will see but damn, it seems obvious lol)

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