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Mitochondrial Health

Roland Pankewich Mitochondrial Structure and Function & Microbiota | Leaky Gut Connection

A mind-blowing conversation with mitochondrial health expert Roland Pankewich on the science of mitochondria, the connection between mitochondrial and gut health, how mitochondria communicate with gut microbiota and strategies to improve both gut and mitochondrial function.


Roland Pankewich is the CEO of Health Optimization Practice Canada and the owner/operator of the country’s first Health Optimization Clinic. His focus within his clinical practice is to work with high performing individuals, including business owners and professional athletes to help them find optimal health and performance in their lives. His specialty is in the deep understanding of the gut-immune system and how to optimize its structure and function. This allows him to share his insights and research with clients and other professionals in order to help them better understand their own health.

Topics discussed:

* How Roland met Mitochondrial health expert and mentor Ted Achacoso
* What are mitochondria?
* “Powerhouse of the cell definition” from 1957
* Cellular currency – ATP
* The importance of cellular energy
* Mitochondrial sensing- “The cell danger response”
* Cell lifespan
* Calcium metabolism
* Epigenetic control
* Deuterium depleted matrix water
* Uncoupling of mitochondrial proteins (UCPs) and thermal heat
* The Fourth Phase of water- Gerald Pollack

* Exclusion Zone (EZ) water- battery
* Mitochondrial dysfunction and disease
* Mitochondria and cell nucleus communication
* Oxidation and Reduction agents (REDOX)
* Pattern recognition receptors (PRR)
* Damage associated molecular patterns (DAMPS)
* Pattern associated molecular patterns (PAMPS)
* Bacterial antigen binding to mitochondrial receptors
* Cross mitochondria communication
* Mitochondria – ancient archaea
* Mitochondria – immune system alert and activation
* What are reactive oxygen species (ROS) free radicals?
* What is REDOX?
* ROS signalling molecules
* What is apoptosis?
* What is necrosis?
* Mitochondrial engines ATP synthase
* Protein gradient and spin to produce ATP
* Aerobic respiration vs fatty acids
* Electron chain transport
* Electron leakage and free radical production
* Where are the highest concentration of mitochondria in the body?
* The gut mitochondria connection
* The Gut- last line of defence in the body
* Mitochondria and gut microbiome interaction
* What happens locally impacts the body systemically
* Why do we see disease manifested in the gut first?
* Microbiome imbalance and inflammatory cascade
* Gut- absorption system first and barrier second
* Leaky gut, the tipping point
* Immune system- Hurt or Heal
* Tight junction proteins
* Microbiota development for optimal host symbiosis
* Creating a harmonious environment for your microbiota and mitochondria
* Gut Unicorns
* How do mitochondria and microbiota communicate bidirectionally
* Microbiota metabolites for mitochondrial fuel
* Short-chain fatty acids
* Urolithins- Mitochondrial biogenesis
* Up-regulation of transcription factors PGC1 alpha, AMPK, SIRTUINS and fat metabolism
* Mitochondria and gut barrier function
* Redox status of the cell, gut barrier, microbiota and mitochondrial function
* Metabolites Hydrogen sulphide, nitric oxide and mitochondrial energy production
* Butyrate production – fuel for enterocytes
* New gut lining every 3 to 5 days
* Drug targeting and microbiota
* Molecular mimicry and autoimmune disease
* How do we improve mitochondrial function?
* Metabolic flexibility
* Time Restricted Eating
* Cofactor for Mitochondrial Health
* Micronutrient Dense Diet
* Walking, High Intensity and Resistance Training
* Optimising your Digestive System
* Food Choices for optimal gut health
* Variety of Plant foods for Microbiota diversity
* What is Hormesis?
* Intermittent Fasting
* Cold Exposure and Sauna
* Antioxidants, polyphenols and microbiota diversity
* Autophagy vs Mitophagy vs Mitochondrial biogenesis
* Clinical examples- Weight loss
* Clinical examples- Gut health
* Evolutionary Biology
* Roland’s top tip for Gut Health

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