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Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondria: 9 Ways to increase mitochondrial density for weight loss and athletic perform

Mitochondria: 9 Ways to increase mitochondrial density for weight loss and optimized athletic performance

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What Are Mitochondria?

Simply put. mitochondria are microscopic powerhouses that have the task of turning the food you eat and the air you breathe into energy that is used to power all the reactions that take place inside your body cells.

1- Eat Healthy, Wholesome Food

diet plays an enormous role in mitochondria’s performance

2- Feed Your Mitochondria A Balanced Diet

We’ve mentioned eating healthy food, but it is also essential that you follow a balanced diet. Mitochondria use carbohydrates and fats to create the ATP that is used to make energy.

3- Try Intermittent Fasting

4- Get Plenty of Exercises!

exercise is good for you and your mitochondria.

High-intensity interval training is particularly good

HIIT: boosts the performance of mitochondria and minimizes the risk of overtraining and damage to your mitochondria.

5- Meditate

meditation and other relaxation-based techniques reduce oxidative stress, which reduces the damage done to your mitochondria.

6- Make Sure you Get Plenty of Good Quality Sleep

When sleeping our brain clears out the neural waste products that you accumulated during the day and research show that you also preserve mitochondria.

7- Expose Yourself to the Sun

Sensible amounts of sunlight (without taking a sunburn) are very beneficial to your organism.

8- Take Cold Showers

quick changes in temperature can be great for your mitochondria.

9- Take Supplements


Now you’ve seen how important is to take good care of your body and your mitochondria. By following the tips above outlined you’ll be able to live a healthier life, with more energy and for longer.


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10 thoughts on “Mitochondria: 9 Ways to increase mitochondrial density for weight loss and athletic perform
  1. Awesome video again Dr. Max! Your videos are super professional, and really well made! Love seeing your videos, itโ€™s so much fun to see you in a professional environment! Thanks for the awesome information man!

  2. thanks for your help Doc, I'm following to a T'. Please may I ask, what do you think of Yerba Mate Tea? I was thinking of intermittent fasting for a few days, only drinking yerba mate and then a meal after around 8 pm. Is this a good idea as well as following your advice. It's a bot hard to get the vitamins but I'll incorporate the healthy veg options into the meal that I am eating. I take Biotin, Multivitamins including D, Evening primrose oil and Cod liver. I am a female, 44 and I've gained excess weight by eating a lot of refined sugars,. I need to lose a stone. Thanks.

  3. Dr Greene, those supplements are hard to find and I'm not sure what they are for? Are they good for females? What is a good protein supplement? Is marine collagen good or spirulina (which l find disgusting). I want to grow thick healthy hair and also supplement protein for what may not be provided for in my diet. I eat healthy but one meal a day as l am to follow intermittent fasting the exercisesyou suggest and other advice for healthy weight loss Thanks.

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