Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Episode #313 on the role of the Mitochondria for ENERGY!

Debbie shares what she is learning about the role of the mighty mitochondria with energy and fatigue.

If you follow Dr. Sarah Myhills or Ari Whitten of The Energy Blueprint- you may already be open to the idea of the relationship or connection of chronic fatigue to the mitochondria.

You can learn more about Ari’s four secrets to fatigue and his six science backed strategies to improve energy (and of course reduce fatigue).

Are you wanting to improve your fat loss?

Reach peak performance gains this year?

Win the battle of the aging process by improving your longevity?

Find past episodes on mitochondria function on www.debbiepotts.net in our podcast archives.

I am on a mission to improve all of the above so I am investigating more into the role of the mitochondria and how we can strengthen/grow/optimize them as we age.

Chronic exercise is a stressor so if you are training for a marathon, bike event, 50k trail run or a triathlon – then you are probably speeding up the aging process by creating oxidative stress which lead to imbalances in the body as liver detoxification issues (liver overload) and more.

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Live is not a RACE!

Slow down and enjoy the journey!

Debbie Potts


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