Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Amutha Boominathan | Mitochondrial Genes

At Ending Age-Related Diseases 2019, Amutha Boominathan of SENS Research Foundation discussed her work with mitochondria. Beginning by explaining the roots of mitochondrial dysfunction and its effects, she went on to describe the differences between codons in the mitochondria and the nucleus, the concept of codon optimization, and the challenges and practices of migrating mitochondrial DNA to the nucleus, which is the goal of the MitoSENS project. Finally, she discussed the MitoMouse project, a mouse model that shows that mitochondrial proteins can be effectively expressed with nuclear DNA, a technique that may be used in the future as a therapy for mitochondrial dysfunction.

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5 thoughts on “Amutha Boominathan | Mitochondrial Genes
  1. Thanks. I'm glad to see another interesting video from the most recent conference; it's a good surprise, since I thought every presentation had already been uploaded, but I guess LEAF has enough yet-to-be-released material to match the quantity of Prince's output.

  2. All these are are the little steps; … however they require so much of the finest human talents. ThAnk you for giving your life and passion to it! Thanks for educating me about migration of mitochondrial DNA . I wonder When will you be able to switch from mouse model to human

  3. Did not understand all of it, but it's great to hear an update from project that I supported thanks to Lifespan.io:) I'm ready to do it again for next phase, especially since there is a shortage of campaigns and only Lifespan Hero! is available.

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