Friday, October 23, 2020
Mitochondrial Health

Ep51 Ben Bikman PhD – Insulin Mitochondria White and Brown Fat and How to Stay Healthy

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Now for a short and densely-packed episode with my good friend and insulin/mitochondria genius – Professor Ben Bikman PhD!

AUDIO PODCAST:—Insulin-Mitochondria-White-and-Brown-Fat-and-How-to-Stay-Healthy-eaf9eu


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49 thoughts on “Ep51 Ben Bikman PhD – Insulin Mitochondria White and Brown Fat and How to Stay Healthy
  1. Wow, what a great video! It should be on prime time television during halftime at the Super Bowl. I always enjoy hearing from Dr. Bikman and with Ivor, this is always a memorable interview.

  2. God that was my father! His father became T2 diabetic, but he was Christian Science and he would not take the insulin and so he cut his foot and got and infection that went systemic and he died in his early 40’s. And that happened in the early 40’s . Of course my father was upset with him for not taking his medication.. plus my grandfather wasn’t heavy. My dad quit that church and joined my moms church. Well my father was very slim but in he started having chest pain and his doctor came him nitroglycerin and of course he didn’t tell anyone. So one Friday he took my brother and I to a new ice skating rink, first night it was open. He was complaining of being very tired and didn’t want to go. My mom was a bad alcoholic and was drunk, so he said come on let’s go get dinner and go to the new ice rink in Ft. Lauderdale. He showed my brother and I the basics of ice skating and off we went. He was talking to a women he knew and she decided to skate some and my dad told her he was tired and she skated off and he dropped dead as she skated off. He was 46 years old and I was 10 and my brother was 13. I bet his insulin was through the roof. Not sure if he had High BP, but I’m sure he did and was taking the BP meds. Metabolic syndrome ran very strong on my Dads side of the family. He died 2/8/1963 . But in those days there was much they could do for cardiovascular disease. Probably all related to insulin!

  3. So speeding up your metabolism has benefits but is it true that people with a faster metabolism age more rapidly? The logic being that cells in the body are replaced more frequently and each new generation of cells has shorter telomeres than the last which is why we age and why we all have a time limit.

  4. Thanks Ivor for the very good video! Just wonder why one would have a calcium score done, with the associated radiation exposure, when you can have an ultrasound of the carotids (CIMT) done without any radiation exposure? Your point of view on this would be appreciated (as this is your turf), to educate me…. Thanks again.

  5. I internalise it, Ivor, but I feel I am a lone voice! Even my health professional family think I am an oddball, telling me that I am "not qualified" to utter truths gleaned from the latest research.

  6. I’m overweight so I changed my diet to low carb, high fat and medium protein because I’d heard so much positive about this way of eating. I was taking meds for high BP and monitor my BP daily, I stopped taking the BP meds two days in because it dropped so much and now I’m averaging around 117/77 I’ve lost a lot of weight and my only regret is that I didn’t make this change earlier in my life, so scream it out loud guys and let the world know how we’re slowly killing ourself, your information could save a lot of lives.

  7. Is Ben Bikman negating Dr Neal Barnard's claim that Diabetes is the result of fat in the cell which gums up the keyhole where insulin connects to the cell? Also, what kind of diet do you recommend? One filled with meat and animal products? There are a whole host on the Vegan side who claim that a starch based diet is the solution to diabetes…it is certainly far more sustainable and does not lead to all the maladies we are trying to prevent.

  8. Good intro video.
    Dr Bikman, what causes more brown fat in the body?
    I understand what your passion and niche is for heart disease and CAC scores.
    Id love to see your engineering mindset in tearing apart the Mitochondria and how it works and what materials to we need feed it optimally.

  9. I spent decades eating1200 low fat, high fibre, weighed and measured calories for decades. I had a job where I could get 70,000 steps a day easy. I went to the gym every day. I am a short woman, and weighed 199 pounds. Kept trying to tell the doctor something was wrong with me. I was depressed and starving most of the time.
    Nine years ago I watched a Gary Taubes video. Changed my diet. The weight dropped off. No idea how many calories I eat. Can go hours without feeling hungry. Depression gone. Feel younger.
    Low carb is so much easier than low fat hell.

  10. Ivor, do you know how someone in Ireland can get a LDL subfraction blood profile done? My GP did not think it was possible and the lab in Galway said there is nowhere. Thanks for all the great work spreading the word.

  11. Sorry have to disagree re protein not impacting on insulin it does, protein definitely raises my blood glucose – sadly I love steak it doesn't love me would love to do carnivore but after 3 days blood glucose starts heading to the diabetic range and hunger returns even with HIGH fats. I have to eat moderate protein.
    Agree HYPERINSULINEMIA – HI is the issue and even though been KETO for 30 months and lost 65 lbs and put T2 diabetes into remission and in Ketosis. I still need to lose some more weight, but been stalled for over 10 months. Still have BP issues, so now moving on to alternate day eating to try and overcome the stall HI issues, stall and BP issues.

  12. I was dicking around with Low Carb, having a cheat day here & there while using a Blood Glucose Monitor,… The "okay" glucose levels & an HBA1C test being "acceptable", I was put into a false sense of security.
    Watching video's like this, I realized I had several symptoms of Insulin Resistance 🙁
    I started thinking,… "What if my decent Blood Glucose numbers are due to my Pancreas working over time to produce huge amounts of Insulin" ?
    I asked my young Doctor for a Fasting Blood Insulin Test & she asked me to defend the request,… After I did, she agree'd to the test & the result came in at 17 which, any T2 Diabetes expert will tell you, is about 4 times what it should be & that was with a 16 hour fast 🙁
    In 2 weeks I have lost 10 pounds & my BP has dropped from 190/125 down to this mornings reading of 138/82 🙂
    The Insulin Test was interesting but unnecessary really,… If you eat like you have Type 2 Diabetes then you won't 😉

  13. Great talk! I have a question. Monitoring insulin levels still isn't something one can do at home. But what would be a simple measure of something else that provides a reliable indication of insulin levels, given that both carbs and protein can trigger insulin secretion?

  14. How long does it take to reverse 45 years of abuse and shitty eating? I’ve started the low carb regiment but fear the damage is already done! Can arterial plaque and heart calcium really be reversed??

  15. It should be nuanced a bit. People who have plenty of fat to spare will liberally generate heat. This effect will fade away as you get low body fat. Great interview for the rest, love the info sharing.

  16. So keeping your insulin low, will cause your subcutaneous fat (just below the skin) to act more like brown fat, which is rich with mitochondria, and burns more calories when at rest?

    What about the connection between uric acid and hypertension? Peter Attia recommends uric acid below 5.0 mg/dl as high levels form the problematic monosodium urate crystals. Interestingly, Parkinson’s patients typically have very low uric acid levels, and that uric acid acts as an antioxidant/metal chelator , but if levels are too high it is pro-oxidant… sounds like vitamin-c!

  17. Hello
    Yeah, I'm sure in a few years, more and more people, like us here, will just listen and apply all these fantastics information. Thanks to both for this cool video !

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