Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Energy Metabolism and Bipolar Disorder: Where We Are and What is Coming

Dr. Andreazza is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Pharmacology & Toxicology and Psychiatry and holds a holding Tier II Canada Research Chair in Molecular Pharmacology of Mood Disorders. She is cross-appointed as a collaborator Scientist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. Dr. Andreazza received a PhD in Biochemistry from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, RS, Brazil. She has published over 125 research articles with an h-index factor of 42. She is the recipient of several prestigious research awards and has received funding from the Brain and Behavior Foundation (NARSAD), the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, the Ontario Mental Health Foundation and the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation. Her research focuses on the understanding of the role of redox modulations and mitochondrial dysfunction in mental illness, especially in mood disorders. Dr. Andreazza’s current research focus is on the brain and its redox biology, with particular reference to the role of mitochondrial dysfunction and the impact of redox modification on the inflammatory system and illness progression in major psychiatric disorders and mitochondrial diseases, with the objective of identifying biological targets that will open doors to the development of new treatment strategies.

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2 thoughts on “Energy Metabolism and Bipolar Disorder: Where We Are and What is Coming
  1. I have had bipolar my entire life. I was very fatigued as a child. Moreso as a teenager, I was always considered a very sensitive individual.When turned 11 years old, I became angry, and my thoughts were rarely on a positive note. I have done some research with my bipolar and no research has pinpointed a cause of my lifetime suffering to such degree that makes this much sense. I was first taught about neurotransmitters,but I was not satisfied with this band-aid effort to "fix me" with reuptake inhibitors. Didn't work for me and I strongly feel these medications are toxic to the brain. This just makes sense to me. I have lots of inflammation, skin issues etc the older I get. I've noticed my hands have turned red this last year. I have heard of the bipolar proteins but this just makes sense to me. I just want to thank you so much for work. I believe this is going to help those who suffer like I do from mood disorders and perhaps chronic fatigue will one day have a cure and we can live normal lives. Thank you so very much!

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