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Mitochondrial Health


What is mitochondrion?
The word mitochondrion has been taken from two words.
Mito _ which means thread like or rough
Chondrion _ which means granule like
The interior view of the mito chongrion show that it is thread like while its exterior view shows that it is granular or granule Like in shape.
Mitochondrion is a double membrane bound organelle present in almost all of the eukaryotic cells such as plant, animal and fungal cells but don’t contain in the RBCs of animal and human being.
It is often refer to as power house of energy because it has the very important role in the cellular process of energy production called as cellular respiration.
Structures of mitochondrion:
1. Outer membrane
2. Inter membrane space
3. Inner membrane
4. Cristae
5. Mitochondrial matrix
The outer membrane of the mitochondrion is smooth but while the inner one is rough or convoluted in appearance keep in mind that mitochondrion is name according to its interior and exterior view.
Both the layers of the mitochondrion are also refer to as mitochondrial layer or membrane.
Both are made up of phospho lipid molecules which are conjugated form of lipid consisting of head and tail part.
It has two compartments.
1. Inter membrane space
2. Mitochondrial matrix
Mitochondrial matrix is consist of ………
Enzymes etc
Also called self replicative organelle of the cell.
Few steps of cellular respiration takes place here in this part of the cell.
Mitochondrion have enzymes which help in the making of ATP energy rich molecules from the nutrients.
Also provide good site of respiration due to the wide spread part or folds of it called cristae which contains oxidative enzymes for the oxidation reactions which occur in mitochondrion.
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