Thursday, January 21, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Mindset, Mitochondria, & Immunity

Are you aware that your subconscious programming can negatively impact your health and your life but you’re not sure how to transform this aspect of the mind-body connection?


Continuing the Wellness Code video series on mitochondrial health, in this week’s video blog Jennifer Ellis-Schuetz explores the dynamic interplay between mental and emotional states of being and mitochondrial function, including practical tips and strategies for cultivating a mindset for healing and personal success.

Here are just some of the points that will be covered:

1. How our patterned responses to stressful events and circumstances influence our mindset and therefore the quality of our health and our lives
2. Why it’s hard to overcome past traumatic experiences
3. How taking personal responsibility for ourselves is critical for the restoration of personal agency
4. The power of neuroplasticity and the brain’s amazing capacity to be rewired for healing and personal success
5. How to build and maintain a healthy mindset “muscle”
Practical strategies for reprogramming one’s mind for greater resilience


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Jennifer Ellis-Schuetz is a Functional Health Practitioner and Transformational Coach. She is not a doctor or a licensed medical professional. She does not treat, diagnose, or cure disease. The information she shares within her videos is for educational purposes only is not intended to replace medical expertise or intervention. Please talk to your doctor and healthcare team before making changes to your supplements, diet, medications, or daily routine.


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