Saturday, January 23, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

AP Biology LiveStream Review: Unit 2 – Cell Structure and Function

This AP Biology live stream review session is not affiliated with the review sessions being hosted on the Advanced Placement YouTube channel.

Link to Presentation Slides:
CORRECTION: At 14:34, the slide should say “As volume increases, SA:V ratio decreases.” This has been corrected in the slide deck.
At 35:22, there should be a statement on the slide that says the sodium and potassium channels allow for these ions to flow back into the cell (it’s been corrected on the slide deck)

AP Biology Science Practices:

This online review will address concepts and skills found in Unit 2 of the AP Biology Course and Exam Description. That document can be found here:

The entire schedule of 2020 AP Bio YouTube Review Sessions:

Question Submission Form (It’s already too late to submit questions for this session, but why not use the form for future sessions):

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5 thoughts on “AP Biology LiveStream Review: Unit 2 – Cell Structure and Function
  1. Is there a way you can please share the slides NOT in full-screen presentation mode? I need to be able to condense pages into printable PDF format for students without wifi. Thanks

  2. very thankful for this but I would've preferred that you'd discussed some of the specific things we need to know rather than repeating "you'll need to know very specific things".

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