Thursday, January 21, 2021
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PQQ Benefits & Side Effects 2020 | Boost Memory & Cognition?

PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone) benefits and side effects have made headlines in the supplement world, particularly when research suggested PQQ could improve memory and mental function. This video explores the latest research

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Here are the links to the research papers referenced in the video:

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24 thoughts on “PQQ Benefits & Side Effects 2020 | Boost Memory & Cognition?
  1. Another good analysis. I’ve been taking sulphoraphane since Rhonda Patrick did her presentation. I’ve looked at the Chinese mfg I bought NMN and trans-resveratrol from in the past and they make broccoli extract with 1% sulphoraphane. Not much. Ill give the broccomax a try.
    When you going to take a look at the most mysterious of all longevity supplements – rampamyicin?

  2. why not get sulphoraphane from frozen broccoli sprouts? Tastes nasty, even in smoothies, but is cheap, when you grow them in jars.

  3. I tried diy broccoli sprouts. and made a sprout shake daily. I was breaking my fast with it and the first time it felt amazing. but after a a few days it seemed to feel like too much almost like my skin was burning/tingly .

    should you take sulphoraphane with a meal or on an empty stomach?

  4. You erroneously take epidemiological research as if it can prove causation. It can't. It can only demonstrate association. The human research you quoted appears to be exclusively epidemiological and therefore proves nothing.

  5. A friend with CFS took PQQ and felt relief….the burned out feeling seemed to lift.THis info should be pondered….What to do for CFS? Piracetam with choline seemed to give energy, also improved vision…which is fact, because she could read without glasses

  6. Question: I was taking 20mg of Pqq daily for a month. My pain levels decreased greatly and I at first I felt much clearer mentally. I take a Cymbalta for pain managment for fibromyalgia and anxiety. My residual anxiety was completely eradicated but after the first month I began to feel great fatigue first thing in the morning . I could barely drag myself out of bed and even missed appointments. Once I was up and took my supplements I was fine but get going was nearly impossible. I also have hpothyroidism so I thought that my levels might be off but when I stopped taking it then my morning grogginess disappeared. Any ideas?

  7. i have noticed a pattern here of oral admin of these substances, which is the worst way.

    i have been studying pqq since 2012, dont know where you were then.

    Studies showed back then the IV admin was very helpful in cardiac patients among others, i the hospital setting.

  8. Nice video Doc, I've been wondering your thoughts on PQQ. I've had really positive effects from taking it, at least regarding mental clarity and focus. I guess since Sulforaphane is a better, more potent actor in this regard, I can drop the PQQ.
    I am still confused on the Sulforaphane though. Specifically you are taking broccomax but you haven't said if that's just a single capsule, or 2-3 etc to achieve the desired effect of 16mg of Sulforaphane. I would like to know how many broccomax's you take to hit that 16mg mark because I'm trying to hit 32mg and right now I"'m just guessing (and probably taking too much broccomax at 4 capsule every morning). I won't take your comment as medical advice btw, just really trying to determine a baseline of how you are hitting that 16mg with broccomax. Also you mention only taking broccomax on rest days – why is that? Thx!

  9. I have mitochondrial myopathy and pqq is only thing ,supplement wise, that helped. Improved muscle function, eye sight, sense of smell, cognitive function, energy lvls and more … at the 40mg dose.

  10. I am very scared of PQQ for cancer proliferation, it is a benefit that it increases mitochondria but that's what cancer also wants to do. I also don't know if cancer starts if anti-oxidants are beneficial or not since it will protect the cells?

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