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Day 15 | Unit 2- Cellular Organization | I CAN CLEAR CSIR NET EXAM | June 2020

I’m welcoming you all to the 15th Day of this new initiative target towards 1 month journey on cracking/ clearing CSIR NET EXAM. Here we gonna discuss and learn together about the various aspects of the CSIR NET EXAMINATION. I’m MISS. SUGUMARI VALLINAYAGAM M.Tech Biotechnology (Ph.D) Researcher/Educator, your tutor.

In this video we gonna see about the Unit 2- Cellular Organization
I can clear CSIR NET EXAM
playlist :

All materials regarding I can clear CSIR NET EXAM online course:

Together we learn, together we be the part of the research community.

*Practice Makes Man Perfect*

Timing: Everyday live at – IST, Till June 28 2020.

Date: 11/06/2020

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