Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Lecture – 3 | Dr. IITian | Cell (Biology) | Class – 11th | NEET | For doubts 9009477477 | 9009760760

Lecture – 3 Cell ( Biology ) Class – 11th for NEET

Dr.IITian presents you yet another promising video in the educational spectrum.This video likewise is to benefit every student rather they be 11th, 12th graders or dropper as well as students from IIT-JEE streams. Our videos are highly insightful and are established with the sole target of explaining the topics in the most effective manner and providing notes that are sufficient for your preparations.

Our main motto at Dr.IITian amidst this shutdown is to provide students the necessary aid they need throughout their preparations. The sessions alone contain enough explanation of concepts to help you gain decent results in your upcoming examination.
We can guarantee you the best possible results in your studies only if you refer to our channel as your study guide.
Our videos takes on the very basic level concepts further towards the advanced concepts revolving the various important topics

We also cover Various important questions and how to solve them along with numerical problems in over sessions. All of our sessions are well curated and very well explained, with special attention to minute details that are otherwise important in understanding the concept efficiently. Our sessions have all the valuable knowledge you need to understand this topic thoroughly, and retain the necessary concepts while appearing for your examinations.

Dr.IITian institute, India’s highest selection ratio career coaching has taken up online classes as a means of providing better education to students virtually.Our institute is known for its best faculty ,Best personal care and Best results, we have ensured that we maintain this tradition in our online classes initiative as well.

Our team at Dr.IITian put all possible efforts to come up with such outstanding educational videos, with acute attention to vital topics from various subjects. So make sure you subscribe to our channel and take benefit from it. Check out our previous videos without fail , we have covered topics like vectors ,complex numbers,polynomials,basics of organic chemistry ,classification and nomenclature, limits, electrostatics, mole concept ,kinematics , continuity and cell stay tuned for more session on cell and other important topics.

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