Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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10 thoughts on “Mitochondria | Cells | MCAT | Khan Academy
  1. I have a question
    You mentioned that the first step of the cellular respiration happend in cytoplasm with mean pyruvate need to get inside the matrix to start the 2 step BUT you also mention that the inter membrane is NOT preamble right . And the only way for the pyruvate to get into matrix is to go through the ATP syntase. How is that possible ?

  2. Nice, I’m one step closer to becoming a doctor and making bank so I can buy nice stuff, and then find some hot gold digger chick who i’ll make sure to not marry so when we split she doesn’t take half my money. Then I’ll just continue on with my life by going into work, seeing patients and writing them prescriptions, and I can forget 90 percent of what I learned in school because it’s not applicable to the actual practicing of medicine. Gnarly.

  3. I’m loving this tutorial but DAMN… she needs to write bigger and not do this so quickly… A bit of enthusiasm wouldn’t hurt either… Where’s Sal…??

  4. I have a two questions: 1) Can the hydrogen ions pumped into the inter membrane “leak” out of the outer membrane into the cytosol? 2) How does ATP leave the mitochondria in order to go to other places in the cell where it is needed? Thank you!

  5. Absolutely love Khan academy! But I wish Sal would do all the videos – I literally skip all the videos that are not done by him. And the reason for that is because these ones, done by this lady. are bloody monotonous. Amazing knowledge but seriously…annoys the hell out of me. Whereas when Sal does the videos, you can tell that he is actually super interested and fascinated by the things that he talks about- and that’s how it should be. Loving the stuff that you learn about and teach.

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