Friday, August 19, 2022
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Autophagy For Grey Hair Reversal & Anti-Aging [How To Induce Autophagy With Spermidine]

Hi everyone! In this video I want to talk about a bodily process that is essential for reversing age and should therefore be a part of every anti-aging arsenal: autophagy. In particular, I talk about inducing autophagy for grey hair reversal & anti-aging, especially using autophagy-inducing foods. These include tofu, shiitake mushrooms, green tea, coffee and many more! They also eat a particular type of fermented tofu called natto, which has high spermidine content, a natural compound that induces autophagy.

You may take my gray hair detective quiz here:

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and all of the content in my videos consists of my own research into scientific matters as well as my own experience experimenting with what the science suggests. It is very much what I believe the science is suggesting but of course everyone has a number of factors that affect their health, which is why I always like to say that n=1 i.e. what works for me might not work for you.


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18 thoughts on “Autophagy For Grey Hair Reversal & Anti-Aging [How To Induce Autophagy With Spermidine]
  1. Hi everyone! I wasn't sure whether to share this with you all but since it's a part of my life and my journey so I thought I should. I've set up a small website to import what I think is a super cool compound called spermidine that has been shown by the boffins at Oxford to induce cellular renewal and repair and make that available to friends and family. It's just a tiny company, but on the website I'm going to regularly write about autophagy, anti-aging and spermidine. If you're interested, you can check out the science page:

  2. This video came at a perfect time, have recently become interested in reishi, chaga, cordyceps, etc mushrooms. I'm seeing more powered mushrooms as drinks, I'll be sure to pick some up! What about sauna or infra red light for autophagy?

  3. Thanks. Will be watching all you videos. You might be interested in a recent paper on tissue regeneration (fibrotic muscle and liver in particular) out of the Conboy Lab . Paper: @t proteomic analysis was also done to identify changes. Experiment involves replacing a large part of the plasma in old mice with saline (and replacement albumin). This appears to have removed detrimental factors in the plasma which are present at higher concentrations as we age. To me it also opens the door to blood donation (every 2 months) as a possible anti aging therapy. Prior interpretations of young/old plasms exchange experiments led many to conclude, prematurely, that it was young factors which helped the old mice. PS: if interested here is an associated talk by Prof Irena Conboy – @

  4. Leslie could you tell me what supplements or other organic products do you take actually? And a small overview what do you put into your smoothie? Thabk you love your channel!

  5. Great video and advice. New subscriber👍🏼

    Hi hope you’re well,
    I’ve got grey hair on both sides of my chin but in the middle and rest of hair on face and body are black? I’m 25 do you what I can do to reduce the grey hairs or turn the grey into black hair again instead of dye the hair?

  6. Dear Leslie, thank you so much for such wonderful videos. Just wanted to know which brand of Spermidine is the best and effective? And it can be taken for how long? Also mention the right doses and regards❤️

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