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"Origin of Mitochondria, The Little Engine That Climbed the Mountain of Evolution"

Title: “Origin of Mitochondria, The Little Engine That Climbed the Mountain of Evolution”
Speaker: Joe C. LaManna, PhD
Date: 4/19/16

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10 thoughts on “"Origin of Mitochondria, The Little Engine That Climbed the Mountain of Evolution"
  1. For a non-scientist to gain insight into what mitochondria are, THIS IS THE BEST I have seen. If ur willing to help me understand how fructose causes problems for mitochondria, please email me at 8744 at RGray dot com. I have virtually no science background

  2. This is by far the best lecture I have heard on this subject. Simple and easy to grasp by the layman. Thank you proffesor.

  3. there is often severe muscle wasting in people with cancer.

    one theory is called: Nuclear Meltdown, and it concerns mitochondria degradation.

    Michael Wiggs and his crew made a mouse model with implanted cancer cells and monitored the health of the mouse and many indications for four weeks, which is when the mice would be euthanized so they didn’t die from the cancer.

    many of the indicators they monitored did NOT show a steady degradation, but instead would show minor degradation for the first three weeks, and then a LOT of degradation in the fourth week, and the mouse would be near death.

    But, when they monitored mitochondrial function, they noticed it degraded in a stepping stone fashion.

    this indicates that mitochondria show early changes we can investigate to see if we can intervene in the degradation process before severe muscle loss becomes deadly.

  4. The Greys inserted mitochondria into a cell to start the process. The process led to us. It’s called seeding, and they’ve done it across the galaxy. Even the greys can’t move among galaxies, but no doubt someone else is doing the same thind elsewhere.

  5. This guy is lying through his biologist teeth. Mitochondria was never a free living cell it needs the cell to function! Chicken or the egg theory? How on God’s green earth did a Prokaryote (cynaobacterium) engulf Mitochondria when Mitochondria was never a free living cell? Endosymbiosis is a joke! Chloroplast was never a free living cell as well. The enzymes would destroy it anyways! How did the Endoplasmic Reticulum evolve and the Golgi Apparatus in the Eukaryotes?? Are you freakin crazy!?

    The Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes work in perfect harmony something random mutation can’t account for.

    God is the only answer for something so complex. I’m not going to even ask about the Cytoskeleton. Unreal the things they teach you!

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