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Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondria structure and Function | for class 11 Biology

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Here, I have described about Mitochondria. Its a cell organelles and known as powerhouse of the cell. It helps to produce ATP which is main for Energy production.
Mitochondria has two membrane outer and inner. The inner membrane create finger like projections called cristae( plural) singular- “Crista”.

The function of Mitochondria is very much important for exam.
ATP production #energycurrencyATPproductionMitochondria
Fatty acid synthesis,
Oxidative phosphorylation is happened through the F1 particles of cristae.

Note: It’s called semi autonomous organelles because it has its own Mitochondrial double helix DNA .
Besides it has its own Ribosome which is 55S pattern.

you must draw the picture of Mitochondria whenever u describe it’s structure.

মাইটোকন্ড্রিয়া গঠন এবং কাজ

this video is for class 10 11

it may be helpful for you Students.
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