Sunday, March 7, 2021
Mitochondrial Health


This award winning virtual neuron is built in Autodesk Auto CAD 2016 over a period of 1 month and will serve as the starting point for a bigger project that we have envisioned to fulfill the scientific and educational need of neuroscience community in general and students in particular. Within this framework of virtual neuron we will add molecular and structural details. This virtual atlas of neuron will be made available in the form of an open access web app that will continuously be updated as more scientific data becomes available. Over next one year I have planned to incorporate the available molecular details to this model. I believe that arts can serve great purpose in education and communication in neuroscience and this model envisions the great foundation set by Ramón y Cajal in combining artistic skills with medical sciences.
Creator: Ahmadullah Baig
Idea: Ahmadullah Baig and Muhammad Zaman Khan


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