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Mitochondrial Health

Fix The Mitochondria Fast With These Supplements &

Are You Always Tired? How To Fix The Mitochondria Fast With These Supplements. Fixing the mitochondria with these supplements can boost your mitochondria and really help your overall energy levels. Okay, so today I wanted to let you know the 3 most important supplements I take that give me cellular energy. Here is a quick recap of something called the mitochondria, These mitochondria are actually organelles, that’s just a fancy word for super bacteria. And I know even before this video gets its first view someone will comment. Mitochondria are like batteries for your cells and you want to mind your mitochondria with diet or supplements. These batteries make energy from the food you eat to make a substance called ATP or adenosine triphosphate which essentially is like gas to a car but for our cells. If you are tired there may be a need to fix the mitochondria fast with these mitochondrial supplements listed below.



My top three supplements for mitochondrial repair and fighting mitochondrial fatigue are;
Alpha Lipoic Acid

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  1. Great video! I can’t find the show notes…I’ll have to recruit a child to help me LOL. I want to make sure I’m taking the best of these three products, plus my floxed kids. I’m pretty sure we are but I know you know your stuff, Jason, so I look forward to finding those show notes!

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