Saturday, November 28, 2020

Far West’09 : “Fast Forward” 8/8 (HD 720p)

De retour de Van Nuys et Corona, j’ai suivi le Cessna de mon ami pour un vol en patrouille entre 500 et 800 pieds sol sur les plages de San Diego. En plus c’était le couché du soleil. Montez avec nous à bord de mon Cessna 172 et profitez de ce dernier vol de notre périple “Far West’09” sur la côte ouest américaine.

Last of eight videos taken during our “Far West’09” trip in June’09 all along the US west coast until Canada. All videos are HD (Sanyo Xacti HD1000) recorded with realtime communications (onboard and with ATC thru a barnstormer cable bought at Aircraft Spruce). Most of ATC communications are subtitled. Check Music credits at the end of the video.

We were 9 with 3 Cessna 172 and 1 Duchess Beech 76 from PlusOne Flyer Club in San Diego. We started in San Diego then headed northely via Los Angeles, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Eugene, Seattle Boeing Filed, Victoria (British Columbia), Tofino, Penticton Vancouver Intl then went back south via Portland, Reno Mojave and Las Vegas. From Vegas, we overfly Grand Canyon, Marble Canyon than landed at Page Muni for a formation flight over Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Monument Valley. The trip ended with Sedona and overflight of Los Angeles International at 2500 ft on the published “mini-route”. For the fun, we landed on 16R at Van nuys and finished this holydays with an oustanding tour in San Diego Downtown for a formation flight with two Cessna along the shoreline “at or below 500 ft”.

Visit for the (french) whole story with lot of pictures.

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