Friday, January 22, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Protein transport in mitochondria | How protein is transported to Mitochondria

This Video lecture of BiologyExplained talks about the protein transport in mitochondria.
Mitochondria is a double membrane bound organelle which transports protein from the cytosol. These are certain protein complex called translocators or translocons which help on protein transport into the mitochondria.
They are TOM complex, TIM complex (22 and 23), SAM complex and OXA complex. Different protein complex have different role in protein transport which is explained in details in the video lecture.
The video lecture talks about matrix protein transport and also membrane protein transport.
Although TOM and TIM complex work together to transport protein into the mitochondria. They can work independently also. If either of one is disrupted the other one can transport protein into mitochondria across the membrane.
Nuclear Membrane Transport:

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