Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Dr. Mercola on Oxygen for Healthy Mitochondria, Ketones, Insulin Resistance, Fasting, and More

Transcript: https://www.theenergyblueprint.com/dr-mercola-2/
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In this episode, I am speaking with Dr. Joseph Mercola—a certified family physician and a pioneer in the natural medicine realm. We will talk about the biggest problems with health today, the role of oxygen in mitochondrial health, ketones, insulin resistance, fasting, and more.

In this podcast, Dr. Mercola and I will discuss:

The importance of fasting for optimal health and energy
The critical role of oxygen for healthy mitochondria
How to utilize ketones to increase your health and energy
The prevalence of insulin resistance (and why it should matter to you!)
The most efficient way to reduce all-cause mortality
The power of blood-flow restricted training

Show Notes

The big picture paradigm of human health (01:35)
The role of vitamin D levels in disease prevention (08:08)
How to optimize mitochondrial health and oxygen levels (14:45)
The biggest needle movers for improving health (24:06)
How EMF’s may affect health (32:08)
Ketones and how they affect health (38:37)
NAD+ (58:19)


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16 thoughts on “Dr. Mercola on Oxygen for Healthy Mitochondria, Ketones, Insulin Resistance, Fasting, and More
  1. Legendary mercola. Looking fresh ! Must be the rectal NAD heh. Dident even cross my mind. I use nad IV, and mercola, the NAD isent anything special monequle wise. Its the same monequle alive by nature sells as the nad from clinic that cost 500 dollar per dose. ABN might be food grade nad, but I filter it in a micron filter so any dirt will not follow. 12g jar for 40 dollar … just hook up a push iv and mix in 60cc syringe. I use 2 x 20ml to mix and filter, then poor the solution in the 60cc, then hook up

    Either way, rectal dident even cross my mind so big ups for confession on using it that way ! Whatever it takes right, to survive as long as possible

    Will soon start LLLT treatment before NAD iv, will create incredible synergy i would say. Just like u say with the oxygen before nad

    Great pod

  2. Recapping like Ari does? If ur IR, then you don’t metabolize pyruvate which is the process to generate NADph. Ketones skip that process to generate NADph that regulate the storm?

  3. Just curious. Dr Mercola said he uses blood flow restriction with weights and with walking. Would it be safe to use blood flow restriction with resistance bands? The resistance effort can increase and decrease over and over. I saw a post on a popular sport rehabilitation site. They advised not to use bfr with resistance bands. But they gave no reason or clinical evidence.

  4. HIF-1a: Certain breathing exercises will put you in a hypoxic state. Research at UF show that repeatedly reducing blood oxygen below 90 % will increase serotonin and may help with nerve regeneration. Also, a researcher (name escapes me) speaking on Peter Attia's podcast said that hypoxia is a profound inducer of autophagy.

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