Friday, January 15, 2021
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5 most promising anti-aging compounds (for 2021)

There are more than 200 different geroprotective compounds. Some of these are already available as supplements, some are in clinical trials and some have FDA approval. Which are my top 5 that I think i most promising in terms of their anti-aging effects (so focusing more on healthspan than lifespan). And note the use of “promising” – there is still much work to be done to better investigate the long-term safety, dose and timings of different supplements which you should always bear in mind.

Anyway, I made this video more for a bit of fun and to make a longer summary video to pull ideas together from multiple previous videos with some new info too! So hope you like it!

Do my top 5 match yours?

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Intro & useful resources – 00:00
Pick #1 – 03:10
Pick #2 – 06:14
Pick #3 – 08:52
Pick #4 – 11:24
Pick #5 – 12:54
Round-up – 15:28
Bonus #1 – 16:10
Bonus #2 – 16:25

Check out @Life Extension Advocacy Foundation rejuvenation road map;
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Previous videos of use;

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20 thoughts on “5 most promising anti-aging compounds (for 2021)
  1. I made this video more for a bit of fun, these are just my opinions, not recommendations and to make a longer summary video to pull ideas together from multiple previous videos with some new info too! So hope you like it!

    Do my top 5 match yours?

  2. In that AKG mouse study the AKG I believe was 2% of their diet which seems like quite a massive dose. Obviously you can't just translate that to humans but something to think about.

  3. Hey Sheekey! wOw I love your content. I have been looking for this sort of thing for a while and thought it just might not exist. As someone who is trying to get into cellular therapies and the field of aging I really appreciate you following the science and not jumping to conclusion or making exaggerated claims!!! Please keep up the good work.

  4. I agree, the list can change so quickly now, the exponential growth in computing power is coupled with an ever increasing number of people researching year after year and it now seems like there's always something new being announced. A very exciting time to be alive…

  5. For me, AKG is a no-brainer. I have been taking it before my NAD+ booster in the am for 2 months now. The reason it is a no-brainer is that it is so easily tolerated. No side effects; just less inflammation. AKG has not once caused me stomach upset or sleep problem.

  6. NAD+ precusor NMN/NR/NA is very hot compound right now, however, there will be many side effect too, Metformin also show around 1/3 effectless for human, I suggest trial period shall be less than 3 month for taking these compound, otherwise side affect will be more than benifit.

  7. Why didnt you include senolytic combination as anti aging approach together with what you already mentioned. such as fiestin or quercetin combination with dasatinib. Also quercetin with theaflavins.

  8. I found some creazy shit apparently akg is a cofactor together with iron for ten eleven translocation TET enzymes you known those enzymes that demethylate dna mind blowing

  9. Thank you, epic content ! Keep it coming! "On" brocolli / avos / fish / berries for years now, never felt better, occasional NR / resveratrol… Let's see where this is going 😀

  10. PS: I wonder if increasing NAD+ affects AKG in a positive way and visa versa. Would also be important to learn how much non-supplement interventions, TRE, exercise, good food, absence of bad food, etc. regulate the pathways.

  11. I am not following your logic. The singapore study has not even been started so it can't be evidence. You chose a molecule with no human studies to be no1 over molecules with human data.

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