Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Dr Ralph Stephens Scientist in Cellular Biology – Cells and Redox Signaling

Dr. Ralph E. Stephens received his Ph.D. From the University of Tennessee in 1970. He spent over ten additional years in research and training in the fields of Radiation Biology, Molecular Biology and Cell Biology at such institutions as; The University of Toronto, Fels Research Institute, The Wistar Institute, The Mayo Clinic and The Ohio State University, where he eventually joined the faculty in the Departments of Radiology and Pathology.

Dr. Stephens ran the Cell Culture Laboratory at OSU for over twenty years. He has investigated cell division and the processes of regulating cell division for over 40 years and concentrated his own cell research on the differences between human aging and cancer. Dr. Stephens published numerous papers and book chapters before retiring in 2001.

He came out of retirement when he was introduced to ASEA Redox, a Cellular Signaling Supplement. This new science of Redox Biochemistry was an extension of what he had studied for over 40 years.

3:23 – I am a cell Biologist and personal experience on ASEA
6:00 – My aha moments
9:30 – Professional experience on cell division – Eggs and sperms -on cell division,
revisit understanding, hydrogen peroxide and chemistry changes in the cells.
Detect and protect the egg.
12:40 – Growing cells in lab – Normal cells vs Cancer cells and cell signaling –
Normal cells stops when reaching confluent, and finally stops division ,
cells grew old. Cellular senescence happened. Cancer cells does not stop dividing Why?
15:45 – Cells and Redox activities.
18:15 – So now what is Cell Signaling molecules? to organize and start activities.
21:50 – Redox signaling – It is Foundational –
Nothing happens unless it starts, nothing starts unless it is signal to starts
23:26 – Why do we need to supplement our body’s own supply of redox signaling molecules.
28:40 – Redox signaling molecules is just salt water?
30:15 – Stress and and Cellular senescence (prevention of cell stops dividing)
can we prevent, delay this?
31:45 – Experiment on stress – Mental stress and ability of lymphocytes to repair damage
32:45 – Experiment on Meditation, stress and lymphocytes to repair DNA?
33:53 – Experiment on age and lymphocytes – decrease with age
36:00 – How big is the discovery of Redox signaling molecules –
It is foundational – Nothing else happens without the foundational!!!
39:45 – Redox signaling supplements and younger people
40:55 – Skin and renu28 – making the YOUNGER, not just looks longer.
42:30 – Epigenetics – Mitochondria roles in creating signaling molecules
that does influence the DNA, Krebs cycle, electron transport chain.
and what goes wrong in the Krebs cycle, and redox creation.
45:50 – What other things cause stress to Mitochondria –
Oxidants goes out of balance with the reductants, and nutrition
48:50 – Nutrients – and redox as foundation to cell supplement
54:10 – Is there ever a time when redox cannot work.
and what if the cells do not need more redox signaling molecules
Can redox signaling supplement hurt you
56:34 – Why redox signaling molecules can make pain goes away?
Pain swell, nerves and inflammation

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