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Mitochondrial Health

Inflammation, cytokine storm: Hydrogen water and gas inhalation health benefits

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Valerie Robitaille, PhD is interviewed by Tivon Rivers at the beautiful Weedan Fermes d’ Hotes in Marrakech Morocco. Because hydrogen is a super anti-oxidant, this video describes the health benefits and mechanism of hydrogen healing for inflammation, and what is known as a ‘cytokine storm’.

Can you explain to us what cancer is and how its related to inflammation?
Cancer is a multi-stage process defined by initiation, promotion and progression, and oxidative stress interacts with all three stages of this process by inducing cellular signals.
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are products of oxygen-derived small molecules involved in normal cellular metabolism. ROS promote DNA synthesis, cell proliferation, cell survival, cellular migration and invasion, tumor metastasis and angiogenesis.

Can you explain the role that hydrogen plays to prevent cancer and other diseases?
Mitochondria are constantly exposed to high levels of ROS, which cause mitochondrial DNA damage and increase O and ·OH levels in cellular apoptosis.

Pain receptors are stimulated in the skin and tissues when painful stimuli are present. These receptors send signals into the spinal cord and eventually get to the sensory cortex of the brain – this is when the pain is felt.
2 Types of Pain: Acute pain is sudden, like when you stub your toe. Chronic pain is long term and in most cases, analgesics are used long term (problematic due to high rates of addiction). In acute pain, when the cause of pain is resolved signaling typically stops. When pain lasts more than 3 months it is considered chronic because sensory signaling doesn’t stop. This leads to a pathophysiological state of nervous system hyperactivity and the perception of pain becomes intensified.

Cytokines, NGF and pain
There are many biochemical mediators involved in acute and chronic pain. Cytokines are proteins produced by the cells of the immune system that regulate the body’s response to disease and infection. There are pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines that, in a healthy body, maintain a delicate balance. When this balance is interrupted as it is in chronic pain, this situation is called a “cytokine storm” (overreaction of the immune system. (Symptoms include fever, body aches and nausea, and stronger symptoms.)
NGF, or nerve growth factor found throughout the body, secondary to cytokines, also plays a major role in the amplification of pain signals. Clinically, NGF concentration is increased in chronic pain, conditions such as interstitial cystitis, prostatitis, arthritis, pancreatitis, chronic headaches, cancer pain, diabetic neuropathy, and non-cancer pain, suggesting that NGF signaling is ongoing.

Due to its size and characteristic, hydrogen has the ability to penetrate any cell membrane in the body. Drinking hydrogen water and inhaling hydrogen gas saturates the cells and heals inflammation from the inside out. Bathing in hydrogen water gives an extra boost!

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