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Your COVID-19 Questions Answered (Open Forum Jan 16th 2021)

Your COVID-19 Questions Answered (Open Forum Jan 16th 2021)

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Is true what Dr. Griffin is talking here (hint, no)

Natural infection causes better immunity

Can Niclosamide take the place of Ivermectin? Both are anti parasitic. (No.)

Can ultraviolet lights be used to disinfect hands and other areas of skin? (No.)

DrBeen on Ultraviolet radiation’s use

What is Ivermectin’s prophylaxis dose?

Death after Pfizer vaccine administration in Belgium

Why is AstraZeneca not liked so much?
Dosage mess and the efficacy differences.

Blood clot due to COVID-19

DrBeen’s videos on clotting

How is lysine helpful?

SARS-COV-2 Nsp1 protein and its role

Lysine is needed for SARS-COV-2 function of the Nsp1

This article says that the scientists think that D-Lysine in combination with salicylic acid and glycine can help reduce the virus replication

How do statins potentially help against SARS-COV-2?
DrBeen’s video

Will aspirin suppress NK cells?
Yes, but to an insignificant level.

NIH moves from against Ivermectin to “insufficient data to recommend either for or against the use of IVM for the treatment of COVID-19”

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44 thoughts on “Your COVID-19 Questions Answered (Open Forum Jan 16th 2021)
  1. QUESTION: TB DISEASE AND VACCINATION. If a person has TB [with no strain number given to the patient] and the mycobacteria [disease] is living in her Macrophages – it seems logical that there is danger to her immune system, and her life, if she takes the vaccine and it activates her immune system [as intended] and serves to spread the TB that continues within her Macrophages.

    Last I read, some Macrophages live up to 8 months. So, I have been determined to avoid germs so that I can continue to clear my Macrophages [by letting the infected Macrophages die off quietly while 2+ years on Doxycycline].

    Thank you Dr. Mobeen! Thank you to everyone that studies, discovers and shares information like: Macrophages have a "Vitamin D receptor."
    That information explained [in specific scientific terminology] how to strengthen my immune system. Because, TB lives within Macrophages, outsmarts Macrophages, and we need our full arsenal of diverse and healthy Macrophages in order to continue life.
    While on my TB journey, for years now, I have clearly stated: Know your [TB] strain number before you take a drug! [Because you need to research the effectiveness of the prescribed drug(s) to find out if you are being messed with for "anecdotal [University] medical resume purposes – and then proceed with caution.]

    Unfortunately, Isoniazid was forced on me. It is clear [to me now] that I either have MDR, XDR, or TDR Tuberculosis [with clear lungs] and I proceed with caution. I continue my journey while one local health official was asked to resign and one local infectious disease office is closed. I have lived through years of controversy and the shunning of my life, even by my own "University" employed Dr.

    In my opinion, to be diagnosed with TB is almost a death sentence in this day and age. Yes, it causes a person to be shunned [by community, health authorities and the politicians that are supposed to manage the health authorities] and it also promotes further victimization by the current medical system. In all honesty, I probably could have survived better without the forced Isoniazid [that I consider a very toxic pill]. The side effects of the head pain and swelling turned into CVI and multiple enlarged veins, eye problems, tremendous skin problems [the largest organ of the body], and a deficient immune system that has trouble regulating and getting rid of my compounded disease state. It has also provided multiple differential diagnosis opportunities [like sarcoidosis and granulatomous disease] to be used by a dysfunctional medical system [that we pay for].

    Aside from this channel, there are channels that teach neuroplasticity skills. You should go that direction if you need positive thought reinforcement in your life. I have found calmness there.

    Thank you again, everyone. Corporate media is proving to be corporate, and politicians are not the most ethical people in the world. So, knowledge from medical industry victims [both living and deceased] is proving to be powerful in making a difference in our own lives.

    I consider myself to be a thankful to be an audience member instead of currently taping my own show. Thank you, everyone, for your greatness!

    Pamela Jean (Hale) Hanson
    Tuberculosis Victim
    The Tuesday Show
    (On Hold Due To COVID-19)
    Volunteer Producer, Director and Crew at our Local TV Station
    (Four Xfinity Comcast cable channels that covers gavel to gavel meetings and provides airtime to its members – within FCC guidelines.)

  2. Thank you for your information and patience with those who don't understand, or grow rather aggressive. Thank you for your continued commitment and work to educate. Blessings!

  3. HI, I love your channel. Question for you. I received my second vaccine yesterday and have had fevers, (100F-103F) on and off starting about 12 hours post shot. It the worset headache, nausea, sharp pain from head to center of my shoulderblades and chest, myalgias, serious chills, so very uncomfortable and tylenol not helping. Why do some people have these horrendous side effects? It litterally feals like the time I had salmonella poisioning that sent me to the hospital. I see not information about these strong symptom's. Thanks!

  4. Dr. Mobeen, Thanks for debunking Dr. Griffin's "BS". When I saw that video, I was upset as well. That video has over 10 thousand views, and how many people that watched it went on blindly believing the incorrect information? How many other false conclusions are being presented as facts? My schooling is from you, so I thought it was obvious: "recovering from wild type is better for immunity". This is based on the multitudes of different pieces of the virus presented on the cells versus the relative few presented with a vaccination. Of course nobody would get the disease on purpose, but let's not let anyone get away with suggesting that the vaccination will generate a more robust prevention of future reinfection. Thanks again!

  5. Hi Dr Been
    Thank you for all you are doing. All your hard work with COVID 19. I am not a medical person therefore I do not understand much medical vocabulary. However you make it much easier to understand with your explanations and drawings. I was afraid to get the vaccine until I watched your video. I appreciate all the free flowing knowledge you give to help the common person like myself feel I have weapons against this virus. Vitamins etc. You have such an honest, kind and gentle heart it shows through in your talks and we are blessed to have you.

  6. Surely the statistics must be available by now for reinfection rates for Sars-CoV-2? We should not need to apply logic (convincing as it is) – the data must surely be available by now?

    When we say "protection for probably two or three years" (or whatever value it actually turns out to be) are we saying that the memory T and B cells will have died or otherwise cease to function after this time? Or are we referring to something else?

  7. There is one flaw: the spike is the antigen that is actually also used to infect the cell, so priming a body for a single antigen that effectively disables the infection and massively flooding the body with antibodies against that antigen sounds more effective. All the other parts are not specifically stopping it, more like clotting it I guess. But yeah, we should consider numbers and not theory. I assume that the vaccine is more effective because it concentrates on a single antigen. But numbers must proof that too.

  8. I love how you address those that can not do basic kindergarten school mathematics and still very gently explain the numbers. Thank you for that!

  9. I want to ask about the connection between severity of covid 19 illness in elderly that are on Statins for the heart. I heard that Statins are receptors for the coronavirus and enable the virus to attach and replicate more efficiently in those that aren't on statins..there are other drugs as well that act as similar receptors, some anti acid or gastro drugs. If this is true, This could be a reason why many elderly or anyone using these drugs are getting severely I'll or having really slow recovery because they keep taking those drugs while the body is trying to heal..Are there any studies or observations on this? Many elderly and even younger are prescribed statins which were developed to given after a heart attack or stroke. Not for long term usage however most drs prescribe them as daily meds..

  10. I don’t get why doctors who have been in contact with COVID-19 patients a lot, and in a sense have been (micro)vaccinated (a lot), still take the vaccine. It feels to me like you’re denying you’re immune system works, except when infected artificially

  11. If a person artificially knocked out Covid19, if there is even a shadow of a doubt that you had the real Covid19, then yes, should get the vaccine shot.

    I suppose a person with a really, really good, unglycated complement protein system (mannose carbohydrate binding proteins that bind to the sugars on the spike and neutralize coronaviruses) may have taken care of the virus without triggering the more advanced immune system. They should get the jab.

    Otherwise, it is better to let someone else get your shot and wait to get yours….. The problem is that so many people will be claiming that they had the virus when they had something different.

    So, you would both pcr and antibody test to prove it. Remember Vincent Racinello got a false positive pcr.

    It really is the lack of faith in the pcr and the antibody test, which is driving the recommendation that people who have had covid get a vaccine.

    The bs explanation that the Vax is better than the virus for immunity is rather sad. They believe, rightly or wrongly, that a simple lie is better than the complex Truth, because people are too dumb to follow a longer argument.

  12. Dr Been, I would love to hear your thoughts on a few "in silico" studies suggesting plant compounds rutin, peonidin-3-O-glucoside, quercetin, hesperidin, gallic acid, catechins, and cucumin may potentially help inhibit SARS CoV2 viral replication and reduce severity of covid19. I suspect bio-availability may be critically important, as well as concentration in the right tissues, as well as unwanted effects such as burden on the liver (e.g. naringin which was also identified as potentially useful). In-silico studies are fascinating.

  13. What about the “Efficacy” of the Drug Or Vaccine, is there Proof The Drug or Vaccine will Harm Anyone? Or does the FDA allow the Drug & Vaccine Company’s to suggest no harm and accept their Data, without “Proof Of Efficacy? Read, This Is A Bio-Attack Alert, by Dr Robert B Strecker.

  14. As an oldie, I would have had to sacrifice a frog to complete a bioligy class in H.S. I guess you all can figure what that stands for. I miss the whole thing. You better learn to take the whole thing into account, youngies.

  15. PCR TEST AND COVID CASE NUMBERS: All case numbers must be considered null and void based on the irrefutable fact that the PCR test DOES NOT TEST FOR ANY VIRUS, let alone test for COVID-19 which has NEVER even been proven to exist. End of story. If you don't know, now you know. #SCAMDEMIC

  16. Top 10 Herbals for Lung health, Mucus, COPD and killing viruses: 1)Ginseng 2)OSHA root 3)Eucalyptus 4)Elderberry 5)Astragalus 6)Horehound 7)Bergamot 8)Lavender 9)Peppermint 10)Mullein

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