Monday, July 4, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Unique Strategies For Optimizing Mitochondrial Health w/ Dr. Dan Kalish & Ari Whitten

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In this episode, I am speaking with Dan Kalish, DC – founder of the Kalish Institute. Dr. Kalish received his Bachelor of Arts in physiology and psychology from Antioch College and completed his chiropractic degree at Life West. We will talk about mitochondrial health and the best strategies to repair and optimize your mitochondria.

In this podcast, Dr. Kalish and I discuss:

The REAL reason your mitochondria are damaged
Dr. Kalish’s top 3 supplements for repairing mitochondria
How oxygen can radically transform your energy
Awesome energy vs exhausted energy
The best tests to assess mitochondrial function
Dr. Kalish’s practical strategies for improving mitochondrial function

Show Notes
The real cause of mitochondrial dysfunction (3:36)
How to repair and optimize your mitochondria (15:42)
Awesome Energy versus Exhausted Energy (30:55)


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6 thoughts on “Unique Strategies For Optimizing Mitochondrial Health w/ Dr. Dan Kalish & Ari Whitten
  1. Thanks for the interview. By the way the link to the transcript isn't working.

    I've got a question too if you've got a minute. So there's a lot of people who suggest taking supplements for the mitochondria but from what I've heard they don't work well for many people – obviously some just don't have the basics in check, have a huge amount of ongoing mental-emotional stress, didn't work on their gut and so on. Could you elaborate on how many people you think actually need mito supplements as a key element in their healing and if possible, what maximum amount of Q10, Mg, Carnitine you've seen that people needed?

    Thank you!
    Much love,

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