Monday, July 4, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

mitochondria structure and function for bsc 1year !! NEET ,class 11 ,bsc

mitochondria structure and function !! NEET ,class 11 ,bsc
Mitochondria are cell organelles of aerobic eukaryotes which take part in oxidative phosphorylation and Krebs cycle of aerobic respiration. Mitochondria are called power houses of cell because mitochondria are the major centres of release of energy in the aerobic respiration.
Mitochondria were first observed by Kolliker in 1850. Benda (1897) gave the present name of mitochondria (Gk. mitos- thread, chondrion- grain) to the organelles. Mitochondria can be stained differentially with Janus Green and are easily distinguishable under light microscope though ultrastructure can be studied only under electron microscope.

Mitochondria are absent in prokaryotes and anaerobic eukaryotes. Mitochondria are secondarily lost in the red blood corpuscles of mammals. Mitochondria number varies from one to several. The number of mitochondria depends upon cellular activities.


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