Saturday, March 6, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Benefits of Thai Black Ginger (AKA Thai Ginseng)

Curious to try Black Ginger?

Black Ginger is an amazing herb that has a few things in common with it’s more common relative, the regular ginger that we’re all familiar with. But it also has a whole host of unique benefits and really delivers some serious power!

0:00 Intro
0:10 Relation to Ginger
0:36 Use in Thailand
0:54 Thai Ginseng?
1:38 Libido & Circulation
2:14 Exercise Performance
2:56 Mitochondrial Health
4:27 Glucose Metabolism
5:13 Brown Fat & Heat Production
6:24 Anti-Aging
6:34 Brain Health & Stress
7:07 Flavor & How To Take It
8:00 Conclusion

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5 thoughts on “Benefits of Thai Black Ginger (AKA Thai Ginseng)
  1. Bought this product from you guys before…I may have to do it for a longer time to see the difference. I am so use to regular ginger I have to take the time to let it take hold. Great info!

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