Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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One thought on “Streaming Hades late game runs followed by Parasite Eve 2! Mitochondrial madness and bad haircuts
  1. 1: Yeah I reckon the Pistol is probably gonna be better against this rogue hunter. After all, IIRC buckshot isn't good against armour.
    2: Like a wrench! OOOH LIKE A WRENCH!
    3: And that, kids, is why you don't try to contain Aya. She'll just flip her shit and PK Wreck everything around her.
    4: I'm not sure I'd be so trustful of Madigan after he'd pointed a gun at us like that.
    5: Welp, that complicates things. Hopefully the healing power can affect him too, otherwise we're gonna have a problem. But at least he's an extra source of DPS.
    6: It's funny that Kain called them gremlins. 'cause they literally wrecked Aya's car, and traditionally gremlins have been associated with machine failure.
    7: Unlike Raoul Duke, Aya IS able to stop in Bat Country.
    8: The M4 does seem pretty burl.
    9: I reckon the camels are asleep at the moment, so we won't be able to see how effective the M4 is against camels.
    10: I can't imagine why the nefarious biotech corporation thought that exploding babies were a good BOW to make.
    11: With Master Key at her side, now it is Aya who is the master of unlocking!
    12: Nothing like some good old-fashioned cola. Mainly because the truly old-fashioned stuff was based on French coca wines that Mister Pemberton was inspired by, and we can't rightly put proper cocaine in drinks anymore. (all for the best, admittedly)
    13: We got a Jerry Can, so now we need to find the Kramer Can, the George Can, and the Elaine can. "What is the dEeEeAl with gasoline? "
    14: Another Polnareff-approved toilet. No pigs, no possession, no killer mirror men, just a good clean toilet.
    15: No wonder that mineral water is an MP boost: the electrolytes must be off the scale! And thankfully, it isn't a bottle of Peckham Spring.
    16: That's the thing with healing items being in the same game as healing spells: if you've got a good healing spell, what can the health potions do that the healing spell can't? If you can heal yourself with magic, why carry health potions? Personally, I would have done it so that the "healing" spells basically give you a protective barrier like a second health bar, while the healing potions mend the injuries you DO get. That way, you still need your healing items, but you aren't burning through them as quickly as you otherwise would.
    17: Fire-breathing giants? In my sci-fi survival horror? More likely than you think.
    18: And after downing the titan, we get rewarded with a high-capacity SMG. Helical mags are more of a chore to fill up, but the capacity's definitely a plus.

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