Monday, September 20, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Cold Showers & Plunges: Tips to Make a Habit

Here’s a few ideas about ways to make cold showers a healthy routine without overthinking it!

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38 thoughts on “Cold Showers & Plunges: Tips to Make a Habit
  1. It's been 5 weeks (new years day) since I got a "dook" ( a Scottish term for a dip/ plunge) in my local loch as it has frozen solid in the first "real" winter since 2010… and that day I had to smash through the ice….I don't like a cold shower as it's just weird, the temperature variation from head to toe… but soon the ice will melt and when it does I'm back in the loch for total immersion not a "cold-'un shower"…

  2. Any contraindications that you are aware of Mike?
    I did the Wim Hoff breathing followed by a cold shower ( 5 seconds day one, 10 seconds day two) two days in a row.
    Both days I ended up with a migraine. That was the end of it for me. No cold water on my head on day two after the migraine on day one. I won't rule out that it was the breath holding part of the method that led to the migraine.
    Also I'm working on soothing my CNS and I wonder if the cold shock would do the opposite and have me in flight, flight, literal freeze mode instead of getting my hypervigilance down to a healthier level.

  3. The first video I have ever seen of yours is the one with your mom. Actually just saw it today. I went through your videos and you seem to talk about a lot of things that I am. Interested in.
    I have a lot of health problems and found out I have some kind of autoimmune problem or live, kidney or even worse. But won't know till the 19th when I have to go see a rheumatologist. But I know I will not take any medication unless they do more blood work and find out what is truly going on with me.
    It would mean a lot toe if you were able to talk to me and answer some questions because from western medicine Dr's I don't get help from them at all and they don't ever want to listen to what I say just what they believe.
    Just like I have hyperthyroidism they want to put me on meds and I said no I want to try something natural so I take iodine B1 and selenium and I got my thyroid back to normal but the things that's going on with me now I need help a lot of help so hope I hear back from you thank you and God bless🙏💞🙏

  4. The timing of this video couldn't be any better for me, Mike. I just started adding cold showers to my morning routine on February 1. These are some great tips. I also really agree with you about the effect of feeling stronger for having done something that most people don't have the courage or desire to do. Thanks!

  5. Cold showers, I do not every have hot/warm showers and have not for years and also when I am near water wild swimming, ( all year round in skins) even did both as a child too. In winter I also make sure when I go out I am dress so I am cold and only get warm my movement,. Cropped leggings just so my body can experience cold, although not that cold in the UK and adapt to different environments. My bedroom is cold so if the room drops below 12 degrees then the heating will kick in. I think we have become comfortable with convenient warmth, I too will sit happily in front of a real fire. In the age of Covid, however, I try and do all I can to support my immune system- cold therapy is one of the gifts I give myself to help with that.

  6. Hi Mike, love all your content! Question – I like you use my coffee as a treat when I finish my early morning 1 hr walk at 6 AM. Would you recommend the cold shower before the walk or after?

  7. Thanks Mike, you inspired me to start cold ocean swimming years ago and now I swim daily. Off the coast in BC so I get to the teeth chattering phase after about 12 minutes in today… Usually starts on the walk home. I used to worry that I was going to die, but over time (& my infrared sauna), my body has strengthened to rebuild my own heat. Took me years to get here, but now, it's an awesome daily "high", nicely addictive too.

  8. What about jumping into the cold shower for a few minutes and then turning up the heat to clean yourself? Would this mitigate the benefits of the cold shower in any way?
    Edit: Forget it, I asked before seeing question 2 😂😂

  9. Hi…my house is cold (no temp exactly ..but I deliberately do not put on the heating) in the mornings ..I sit ..journal and drink coffee ..with several layers of clothing on ..then workout and remove the extra layers this similar (clearly not a shock) being exposed to cold ..where my body has to work harder to heat and use energy? 🥶

  10. I like taking a regular shower and then just turning the water full cold at the end. You would think you’d feel cold but as soon as I get out I feel warm and invigorated; I feel an immediate increase in circulation.

  11. I've always gotten a cold every year usually in winter at least once often twice. I started LCHF and cold ocean swimming and fasting and that was the first time I can remember in my life not being sick for two years. I no longer do LCHF and still am getting less colds than I used to but I think IMO that LCHF and cold really work together and at least for me not only helped me feel the healthiest I ever felt but kept colds away for 2 whole years.

  12. Hey Mike, because of your videos I've started taking some 5 minute cold showers recently which has been nice (difficult but nice) and I was wondering, should I immediately starting warming up once I get out or allow myself to be cold for a while? My habit has been to throw on my robe, hat, and slippers right after, but I'm not sure if that could be mitigating some of the benefits…

  13. thank you Mike for this topic! Cold exposure is for sure connected with our nutrition…if you are a vegetarian or you eat a lot of vegs and fruits (especially fresh!) then you feel more cold, you don't like to expose yourself to the cold. It is my experience.

  14. I started following a tip from Ben Greenfield, to go back and forth of 20 seconds cold and 10 seconds hot. That really helped prime me so that now it’s actually pretty easy to do a whole shower cold 🥶

  15. I use to go swim to the lake at least twice a week for 5 years now, throughout the year, but if I need to take a cold shower I prefer to take a bucket and pour the water on me in the tube than the shower. 😉

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