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Cold Thermogenesis

Coronavirus Pandemic Update 46: Can Hot/Cold Therapy Boost Immunity? More on Hydroxychloroquine

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 46 with Roger Seheult, MD of

Dr. Seheult discusses compelling research on thermal regulation (hot/cold hydrotherapy with a sauna or contrast shower for example) and the potential immune system benefits to ward off viral infections – as has been used in many regions including Finland. A follow up on possible treatment with hydroxychloroquine, and recent trends in US COVID-19 infections are also discussed.

PLEASE NOTE: This video was recorded on March 30, 2020. Our more recent COVID-19 updates can be accessed free at our website or here on YouTube:

We’ve produced each COVID-19 video with the best information we could access at the time of recording. Naturally, some videos will contain information that has become outdated or replaced by better information or research.

That said, we believe each video contains concepts that have enduring value and reviewing how the response to COVID-19 has progressed over time may be of interest to you as well.

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Speaker: Roger Seheult, MD
Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine.

Produced by Kyle Allred, PA

Media Contact: [email protected]

MedCram medical videos are for medical education and exam preparation, and NOT intended to replace recommendations from your doctor.
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41 thoughts on “Coronavirus Pandemic Update 46: Can Hot/Cold Therapy Boost Immunity? More on Hydroxychloroquine
  1. So adding Infrared heat by means of a IFR Mat on the back or on the front of the body would stimulate NK and IL-6 ……! I know i had a flareup of inflammation of hips (artritis) after getting COVID , after using my IFR mat the inflammation went down.

  2. Thank you for this video. Someone online is claiming that opening the gym steam rooms and saunas actually REDUCES the spread of Covid-19 because the high temperature makes bodies inhospitable to the virus. They are citing this very video as the source for their claim. Please clarify whether your video substantiates the claim that gym steam rooms and saunas reduce the spread of Covid-19. Thank you.

  3. I now take a sauna & cold exposure at least once per week, and have a hot shower with cold exposure every day. I built a sauna for myself after watching this. If you're interested in building sauna and/or ice shower, search "sengsationa1 sauna".

  4. I live in Russia and used to visit a sauna every week. However, I have noticed that a lot of people with common colds and the flue are visiting the sauna, sneezing and coughing left and right.   Also, I have noticed I was getting the common cold and the flue often in a week or two later.  The conclusion is this: in Russia, it may work against you. The same thing in Fort Lee NJ (United States). A lot of sick people were vising the sauna and I was getting sick often too. Perhaps it is better to go there first thing in the morning.

  5. Originally from Finland and used to Sauna. Was in Italy Parma (north Italy) in early February and got really sick one evening…food tasted like wood, felt sick to my stomach and had difficulties breathing with hot / cold spells /shifts and pains across throat, dry cough etc… modest fever (not even close to 40c – approx 38c) COVID-19 was not really a thing yet on the 2nd of February 2020 except maybe in some meat markets in Wuhan China so thought I was down with a common aggressive seasonal flue…

    As a Finish person I never book a hotel without a Sauna – not always easy to find in Italy. Thankfully there was one just a few clicks away from my departure Airport:…

    The morning after I got sick I had a full day @ the SPA and as my grandfather always told me: If Sauna, Vodka and tar does not cure you start looking for a headstone and calm grave spot for burial. (no idea what tar does to health BTW but Sauna and moderate use of strong Vodka have so far worked as relief tools for most Finns' through the ages) Luckily the hotel SPA followed the recommended Finish Sauna heat specification with temperatures around +90c… Many Sauna's outside Finland keep heat levels @ 40-70c and in my personal opinion this kind of sweat-lodge for babies SAUNA version is not much help…. In Finland it is common to heat the Sauna to 120-140c…We also used to proudly host the World Sauna championship but that got banned because loss of life some years ago (so dont try 145c @ home folks unless you are also self-curing COVID-19 with cleaning products – I always thought the human gene pool is much better off with some Darwinist style natural selection…

    Anyway – after 5 x 20 minute shifts in +90c heat with occasional cold dips and a lot of fluids (water) I was 100% cured and did not have any symptoms on my return flight that same evening. Will be interesting to find out if I was indeed COVID-19 positive once/if the post symptom tests ever become reliable / available 🙂

  6. NEW-4 patients on the same respirator ! -The solution is called Ventsplitter and is an open-source code solution for 3D printing. The idea that several patients could potentially share respirators Source Microsoft News-Sweden.

  7. I don't mind LONG videos if it's you speaking!
    I have no medical background, except for my own experiences, yet you make the information understandable for a layman. (Sometimes I have to listen to a few times BUT I have chronic insomnia so that's typical for me)
    Thank you for taking time away from your non-working life to do all this research and post these videos that are packed with information.

    I can't help but wonder if there is some kind of award for recognition for people, like yourself, that are trying to educate the public to understand how important it is to do the things we are asked to do, wash hands, wear masks etc.?
    Plus, you explain this virus in a way that we may be able to fight it which in turn makes people much less fearful.

  8. Dr, You are a very good human being. thank you, If everyone were like you , this would be heavenly. Good Man I pray you are always Loved by the ones you want to love you.May all your excellent dreams come true.

  9. Some good information on lo-cal ketosis / autophagy, as in broth fasting is much needed right now. These have been proven to combat inflammation and improve outcomes in chemotherapy. Taking calories down below 500 per day and into ketosis can very reliably reverse hypertension and type 2 diabetes. It does this by deglycation, de-sugaring the lipoprotein and thereby improving vascular compliance and reducing peripheral resistance. This lowers the blood pressure naturally, and improves circulation. So the boost to immunity is something that can reasonably be expected to be part of the overall improvement of intracellular health and general health.

    I am an anesthesiologist who has studied these for forty years. Unfortunately our medical establishment has done very little research into preventative medicine nor looked into what we can learn from the epidemiology of healthy cultures.

  10. Brilliant video. I've been doing hot and cold showers for the last 15 months. Filled with dread at the thought of turning the tap to cold but feel great afterwards. Really pleased to hear that hot/cold helps with immunity. Can anybody explain the term thermal clamp as mentioned in the video. Tia. 😊

  11. Science is finally catching up to how the Russians survived their harsh winters with sauna “banya” followed by dips in icy waters.

  12. It’s not “social” distancing people. It’s PHYSICAL distancing. Understand the difference. You are still a social being belonging in a society during this epidemic. But it is the PHYSICAL distance you need to keep from

  13. Dr. Seheult, we need you as Surgeon general! My only recommendation to you is that you omit the initial statistics at the beginning of your videos because many people get the wrong impression. And leave your cast before learning the crucial facts you've presented under your own steam. I'm passing the word to my peers. I've seen up to video 56 and agree that much of what you say makes perfect sense for dummies like me. Thank you, sincerely..Your time is now and in the future

  14. Doc – can fever be induced as part of therapy for COVID (eg: by injecting lecocytes or other ways of increasing core temp) ? i.e. in case a covid +ve patient doesnt naturally work up a fever or even in advanced

  15. Doctor, which software is this in which you are explaining? Sorry for this silly question but it's having classroom like feeling. Kindly let me know. It'll be of great help.

  16. Interesting but statistically significant isn't clinically significant. What were the effect sizes?

    Having such small sample sizes severally limits the generalizability of the results. Blaming lack of statistical significance on the number of people in your study is a mistake. The assumption should be that there isn't a difference.

    The studies presented here are very weak evidence for the efficacy of thermal treatments. That won't stop people with preexisting hypothesis that such therapies work from committing confirmation bias and generating medical myths. These studies are good grounds for more studies but they are not good grounds for treatments.

  17. If SARS-2 is able to hide its budding from immune system, they can't detect the antigens on infected cells to attack them. That also makes vaccines useless because their purpose is to provide your immune system the antigens they would search. Giving a mug shot of the criminal doesn't help if the criminal is invisible.

  18. As a physical therapist, the “ice cube” cold bath ( at least 10 minutes)/ immediate hot sauna bath (full body immersion) works well in muscle spasms/ muscle strains/ recent whiplash injuries from even mild accidents. A lot of athletes use this treatment, so they can back into their game/practice the next day. This treatment shocks and resets the system, and the duration of your symptoms shortens! This an oldie but goodie treatment that anyone can do!

  19. thank u so much for all your work & sharing! it has been so frustrating how few dr's are sharing real info for ppl about symptoms & things we might do to AVOID going to hospitals..seems incredibly stupid that more don't
    YOU are the real hero..
    (thoroughly enjoyed your detailed explanations!)

  20. Your videos are full of great info. Thanks. What path does the virus take to reach the lungs from the eyes? Why touching the eyes is one of the primary recommendations to avoid?

  21. After listening to your talk about raising your body temperature to trigger your immune system. I found out, what some of the African (Black) folk, who have tested positive for Covid-19, who live here in South Africa. What they do is to get a really big pot of boiling water. They then make a tent over this pot of boiling water using blankets and what ever is to hand, climb in this tent. They add some "muti" meaning African natural medicine. Usally consisting of barks of trees and stuff. Now I don't know what is in that muti. But they come out sweating. In the video on Twitter the guy says this is an African remedy. I thought you would find that interesting.

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