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Eat Smarter with These Smart Nutrition Strategies, with Shawn Stevenson – TBWWP

This episode of The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast features information, tips, and how to’s on the top nutrition strategies for a healthier body and brain. Shawn Stevenson is the host of The Model Health Show and author of “Eat Smarter”.

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Strengthen Your Brain Through Diet, with Shawn Stevenson
We’ve all heard the phrase, “You are what you eat”. But does this phrase apply to the brain, too? Does the food we eat actually become our brain? In the first episode of a series with The Model Health Show host Shawn Stevenson, Dr. Daniel and Tana Amen discuss how the foods we put into our body become our body (and brain), and why certain societal institutions have made building a healthy brain more difficult.

Is Brain Inflammation Causing You to Gain Weight? With Shawn Stevenson
When it comes to losing weight, the traditional message has been that calories are king. Control the amount of calories you put into your body, and you control your weight. However, as “Eat Smarter” author Shawn Stevenson tells us, this is clearly not the whole story. In this episode of the podcast, Shawn and the Amens discuss how inflammation in the brain can reduce your body’s ability to burn calories, causing frustration in many dieters. Luckily, Shawn has practical techniques to break this cycle and reduce inflammation in your brain to help balance your body’s metabolism.

Your Microbiome: The Role of Probiotics and Prebiotics, with Shawn Stevenson
Everyone has a different metabolic footprint, and it changes constantly, so we need be aware of our diet and make changes when necessary. One of the most important factors to keep an eye on is the role probiotics and prebiotics play in our microbiome. In this episode of The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast, Dr. Daniel and Tana Amen are again joined by “Eat Smarter” author Shawn Stevenson for a discussion on how the components of our microbiome work, and how we can make small changes to our diet that will make a big difference in the health of our gut, brain, and body.

Eat Smarter with These Smart Nutrition Strategies, with Shawn Stevenson
Shawn Stevenson’s podcast, The Model Health Show, has been named the number one health and wellness podcast because Shawn’s strategies are both practical and based in science. In this last episode in a series with Shawn, he and the Amens discuss some of Shawn’s top strategies you can use to lose weight and improve your overall health.

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6 thoughts on “Eat Smarter with These Smart Nutrition Strategies, with Shawn Stevenson – TBWWP
  1. It is most interesting, about 18 mos ago I stopped dabbling & seriously started to intensify research in nutrition, then COVID hit. At that time I started to heavily do research into ADHD for personal reasons. Through books & YouTube I have managed to go through about 12 years of “thought” on mental health up to Dr. Amen. With nutrition I went through Nina Teicholz, Dr Listig & others then here to Stevenson & the Amen’s. What a journey! I feel like I’m almost “there”. Yes, Tana, I’m excited also.

  2. Thank you so much.
    Friends in India, Morroco,even Croatia have struggle with finding money for basic things in live.
    And we,we are so privileged..
    And still unconscious,undisciplined,not all of us thou.

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