Monday, September 20, 2021
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5 Don'ts For Better Fat Loss (Evidence Based)


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This video shares my current approach for better fat loss that I use personally and with clients. This is not the only way and as always the individual should be considered. I hope it helps you with your fat loss and body composition goals going into 2021.



0:00 Introduction
0:46 Fitness As A Long Term Effort
1:32 Don’t Do Steady State Cardio
4:53 Don’t Starve Yourself
7:50 Don’t Ignore Hormones
9:15 Don’t Forget Environment
11:30 Don’t Ignore Rest
13:34 Final Words


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32 thoughts on “5 Don'ts For Better Fat Loss (Evidence Based)
  1. I should clarify the cardio point further…cardio is not useless but from a time to benefit perspective it is inferior. Steady state cardio needs to be done often (sometimes daily) to see good benefits for fat loss. HIIT or resistance work requires much less time and many of the benefits plus some more which is why, in my opinion, I put it as a don’t in the video.

    Let me know what’s helped you with your body composition work!

  2. Everyone tells about cardio not being as good as strength and HIIT exercise, but I lost all my weight via walking and interval power walking and regular walking. Now when I lost my weight, I got more interested in fitness and started looking at weight training. So I wouldn't discourage people from getting active slower.

  3. James Clear author of "Atomic Habits" nails the topic of engineering your environment. That looks like putting soft tissue equipment out where you normally have a TV, creating friction or resistance to the behaviors you want to do less and non-friction for the things you want to do more of. Whether it be healthy eating, more regular mobility work, OR even your digital environment (only viewing social media on a laptop rather than cellphone).

    Change your environment, change yourself. It may not be the easiest, but your future self will thank you for it!

  4. My big discovery in 2020 was working out at home instead of going to the gym. First, you save the time you'd otherwise spend on travel, locker room, waiting for equipment etc. Second, if you have 20 minutes only, you can do a 20min workout and get the benefit from that. If you have an hour, you can do one hour — but you won't be hanging out for 1.5 hours or more, wasting half the time with resting between exercises. Or you can do sets of squats, rope jumps, pushups, pullups etc. throughout the day if you're working from home.
    On nutrition: I tend to reach for whatever is around, so I keep fruits, nuts where I can see them so I snack on those.

  5. I agree with most, except for not doing steady state cardio. Cardio is good for heart health, increasing you caloric deficit and it doesn't need much time to recover from. And with steady state cardio I mean walking. Walking for just 30 minutes a day out in nature can do so much good for you. I feel like people always associate running with steady state cardio, when walking is also a form of ssc. However if you prefer running, that's fine do that. But just do some form of cardio.

  6. What is great video! stuff that I knew but it's such a good strong reminder… I was getting tempted to cut calories again and well this is just reassuring me to do what's right and prioritize health (and that it will be more effective anyway!)

  7. For me the massive thing that is missing in this list is zone two training which is really good for fat loss and mitochondrial function. According to Iñigo San Millán: “What I have been seeing for 25 years, working with elite athletes, is that [zone 2] is the exercise intensity where I see the biggest improvement in fat burning and the biggest improvement in lactic clearance capacity". I often find it hard to motivate myself for resistance training but zone two work I find much easier and it's something that most people, however unhealthy, can build into their lives very easily. This is the one thing I wish I knew 20 years ago.

  8. Hey, just wondering if people have any thoughts on supplements (Glucosamine etc) for joints etc.? I’m just going back to lifting weights after running marathons all last year. I’m looking to trim shorter and gain some muscle again. Thanks.

  9. You've just summarised multiple concepts in one clip that I've seen in about 50 other videos on these topics! – thank you, I'll come back here to remind myself regularly

  10. Great chat! I love seeing fast transformations to start too! Better for more experienced campaigners. High protein crash diets can be a lot of fun and start a new identity and a new life… You eat really well from what I see… Those who are drinking lots of booze and living on fast food can do really well sometimes with a sledgehammer, draw the line approach. It's not for everyone but it's another option that I've seen work along with what you're sharing here long-term. Great well considered content!

  11. Hi Tom, I want to lose half a stone, but keep my muscle so its bodyweight and weight compound exercises circuits, with sprints for me. Also i want to touch my toes by the start of spring so your videos are perfect! Thanks

  12. I wanted to comment on how I miss your mustache, BUT….. you gave very helpful tips that are backed by logical sense and credible sources. They even align with my Indigenous heritage. Not stressing too much. Natives a long time ago used to have a well-balanced diet and exercise. A lot of that was taken away and now we have to adapt with the times. People do not even think we exist anymore. Anyways, you are forever helpful Tom!! Thanks as always

  13. I never had troubles with my weight, actually sometimes I was closer to being too light rather than too heavy, anyway:
    A friend of mine struggles with weight loss regularly and what I find very fascinating is that no matter what he does, if it's swimming, resistance training, running, weight lifting, if he does it for at least one month multiple times per week, he sees results. It seems like the biggest supporter of weight loss is consistancy in your efforts. If you keep doing it long enough, it will pay off.

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