Thursday, September 23, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Biohacker's Handbook: Top Biohacking Trends

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The authors of Biohacker’s Handbook (@biohackingbook): technology-expert Teemu Arina (@tar1na), Medical doctor & preventive health care pioneer Olli Sovijärvi M.D. (@ollisovijarvi), and nutrition-expert Jaakko Halmetoja (@jaakkohalmetoja).

Biohacking is the art and science of optimizing your performance, health and wellbeing with the help of technological and biological tools. Biohacker’s Handbook dives deep into sleep, nutrition, exercise work and the function of the mind to take the fundamental aspects of life to a whole new level in terms of both understanding and application.

Biohacker’s Handbook is the most anticipated health & wellness book of the decade. The authors – Olli Sovijärvi, M.D., technology expert Teemu Arina and nutrition expert Jaakko Halmetoja – upgrade the fundamentals of a balanced life.


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3 thoughts on “Biohacker's Handbook: Top Biohacking Trends
  1. Thank you for sharing top biohacking trends. Last month I invested in my own copy of the Biohackers Handbook, for anyone who is watching this video, I highly recommend you invest in a copy of the handbook. Packed with wisdom, science and easy to read and adopt the lessons.

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