Monday, September 20, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Leptin, Autoimmunity & CO/ID — New Science Review

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In today’s video, we unpack new research linking leptin, belly fat, autoimmunity and the Rona.

Link to research**Posting Saturday at noon**

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26 thoughts on “Leptin, Autoimmunity & CO/ID — New Science Review
  1. No spinach or kale ? Can you say simply what not to eat during a fast ? New sub to your channel. Been IFing for two months .. only issue I’ve been having is bathroom regularity… also when if I get the vaccine should I keep my same 21/3 window? Also I have hashimoto’ s does that put me at great risk for CV?

  2. If K0vEd were a contagious infection caused by a virus, we'd all have been exposed years ago. You will never be immune to vitamin and mineral deficiency. Loved that video with your mom. My message to the world: For god's sake, just get some sun, take your zinc and vitamin D, and don't let anyone put your grandma on a ventilator for more than an hour or two. If you're sick or concerned about your health, go zero carb for a couple days. Chances are you won't go back to your same old low-fat plant-based diet. If you want to wear a silly mask, go right ahead, but it won't stop anyone from getting this magical syndrome. If you don't mind being sick for a few days, get the useless vaccine, too, while you're at it. But please don't criticize people with common sense.

  3. INCREDIBLY POWERFUL presentation. Beyond Awesome 😎. Soooo happy I started keto 10 days ago snd signed up for OMAD 3 days ago.
    You folks are extraordinarily wonderful gifting your tools for high intensity health. Cannot thank you enough!
    Powered UP!!!💪😎🌀👍❤️❤️

  4. I appreciate this so much! I like a balanced view that there are factors we can control and some we cant. I have multiple sclerosis and have relapses with even a minor infection. I have drastically changed my lifestyle the last 4 years. I am much healthier but still struggle with MS symptoms. I know how hard I work at my health and the research I do. I get frustrated when people think there is a full cure. I can benefit from being healthy but having an autoimmune illness is NOT MY FAULT.l and I don't have full control. I agree with your recommendations and do those and more for myself. But I caution anyone who has never had a serious health issue from assigning those with health issues all the blame. Many of us work very hard and tirelessly to learn how to be in the best possible position and it is heartbreaking to work hard, do all the right things and still struggle.

  5. Fauci himself said the vaccines will not kill the viruses, will not prevent transmission – they ONLY lessen the symptoms of COVID so there’s less hospitalizations.

  6. In keto, eggs, milk/dairy, dark chocolates, green leafy veggies are permitted but If you are going to get rid of anteginic foods as well as foods high in oxalate then all these should be scrapped? What are you left then? Pure meat?

  7. Take the pad of your thumb. Press on the lower part of your breast bone. Does it hurt? Then you have a vitamin D deficiency [among other things]. Take 50,000 iu of D3 and 500 mcg K2 a day and test once a week. Once the pain is gone then lower to 10,000 vit D3 a day and 100 mcg of K2. Now you have a fighting chance against ALL respiratory infections. Interesting video.

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