Monday, September 20, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

SL: Dave Asprey WRONG? Science Explained.

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13 thoughts on “SL: Dave Asprey WRONG? Science Explained.
  1. Do you have any video that explain fasting. What exactly counts as fasting? 0 calories intake or some specific range? What stops fasting and so on. So much info about it online. But I got to the point that your opinion is least biased compared to others. What science saying about it? Thanks in advance.

  2. I wasted my money buying his bullsh*t ad (book), but I knew that It was a waste, just wanted to see how much of a waste it was, all of it, not even entertaining in the least bit.

  3. If I fast and do breath work (ala Wim Hof) 3 times a day, take a 10 minute cold shower once a day, while drinking green tea throughout the day, could that lead to a significant increase in fat burning than if I were just fasting?

    For me a significant increase would mean 100 cals or more.
    Since the body is in a catabolic state when fasting I wanted to know if it reacts more to things that have been linked to fat mobilization.

  4. Asprey is a snake oil salesman. Even Joe Rogan didn't buy into his green coffee beans and mycotoxins as roasting the beans should kill off mycotoxins if there are any. Maybe you could debunk another biohacker – Ben Greenfield. He made some claims about cold being good for improving your blood glucose levels on a recent interview on Keto Kamp YT channel.

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